14 Unbelievable
Marriage Proposals

1. The Peter Pan actor who proposed to his real-life Wendy on stage

So much for the boy who never grew up, this Peter Pan is taking a great big life step with his weeping and wailing Wendy. Now that's a proper fairytale ending.

2. The Longest Proposal Ever

Don't believe in Hollywood romance? Watch Justin make his bemused almost-fiancée sit though 20 minutes of epic home-made movie clips before popping the question.

3. Flash, Bang, Wallop: FLASH MOB Proposal!

For the girl who has everything: Your very own flash mob, complete with a marching band and a handsome chap in uniform. Tissues at the ready, ladies...

4. D-I-Y L-U-V

Forget about power tools, it's all about the power of love at this Home Depot store for Spenser and Dustin.

5. And That's a Rap

We're not sure he should have rapped about the potential for later-life sagging, but this MC has won the woman of his dreams. Drop the mic, psych!

6. A Pair of Lovebirds: Angry Birds Proposal

Ben may have been obsessed with Angry Birds but, by turning his addiction into an adorable marriage proposal, he made girlfriend Mel a very happy bird indeed.

7. Don't Play With My Heart

Sometimes practical jokes are appropriate and sometimes they're downright adorable. Watch this terrible tease put his girlfriend Summer through 3 'almost proposals' before finally popping the question. We love that they still love sushi!

8. The Girl Who Accidentally
Planned Her Own Proposal

They say a woman's work is never done, well this bride-to-be ended up unintentionally planning her boyfriend's marriage proposal. She thought she was pinning the tail on the donkey but, removing her blindfold, she was serenaded by her future fiancée.

9. An Arresting Proposal

"This is not funny!" says a shell-shocked Kaitlyn after her boyfriend set up a fake arrest and deportation before popping the question. Let's just hope her and fiancée Keaton share something other than a sense of humour...

10. Tunnel of Love

The 19:57 from Euston may not be the most romantic location for a proposal but this gorgeous choir-sung proposal for Lucy is enough to cheer up even the grumpiest of commuters. We're sure they have lots and lots of lovely days ahead of them.

11. The 6 Year Proposal

These two loved up sweethearts had been together for 6 years and always knew they were meant to be. They even spelt "WE ALWAYS KNEW" in holiday photographs through 6 years of romance. Hang on to your hankies as they photograph the final letter with a brand new question...

12. Bingo!

Forget your two fat ladies and your Danny Le Roux, this is One Big Question asked in a bingo hall. Watch Mike and Renee get engaged in front of an audience of bingo fans. "I want to roll with you forever, Renee", says Mike. Let's hope they're a match made in heaven like 67.

13. Will you Marry Meme?

To each their own and, for the nerds amongst us, what could be cuter than a marriage proposal made up of popular internet memes? "Y u no put a ring on it?" Well, Timothy did and his girlfriend Audrey said yes!

14. The Disneyland MUSICAL Propsoal

This musical chap made sure his girlfriend felt like a real Disney princess by proposing on Disneyland's "Main Street USA" while performing his own mini musical about their love, complete with a happy ever after.

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