Jess is a contributing writer at Two Little Fleas. She has been playing bingo for several decades, and is now a committed online player.

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There’s Help at Hand – Combatting a Bingo Addiction

The fun that can be enjoyed as part of a bingo gaming community, either online or at your local hall is palpable. It can become central to your socialisation and enjoyment and it can really be something you look forward to on a regular basis. However, it is essential to keep tabs on your hobby… Read more »

Christmas Gift Ideas for Bingo Lovers

If you love bingo, or a close friend or family member adores it, then it’s easier to buy bingo-related birthday, anniversary, and Christmas gifts than you might think. Save yourself the embarrassment of wrapping up yet another pair of socks, a handkerchief, or bottle of perfume this year, by showing you care about their favourite… Read more »

Who Calls My Balls: Is Online Bingo Really a Fair Game?

Random or planned? When you’re playing at an online bingo site, have you ever stopped to wonder what determines the order in which the balls are called? Whether you have or you haven’t, it’s still a very relevant question. After all, do you trust a computer to throw out totally random numbers?

The Difference between Keno and Bingo

We’re guessing that as you’re reading this article on Online Bingo Finder, that you’re probably totally au-fait with, if not a massive fan, of bingo. You might, therefore, have heard about or come across another game called Keno on your internet travels, which may have left you wondering if they are one and the same,… Read more »

Bingo as Therapy – keep your brain active

We all know playing bingo can be great fun but did you know it can have an important physical impact on your mind too? The benefits of playing bingo are much more than just simply providing you with a fun social experience, there are suggestions that specific types of the game can be extremely beneficial… Read more »

Telly and Bingo – can the two work together?

Considering how many bingo sites are advertised on our television sets, it’s a wonder there hasn’t been more success for the TV channels that have been launched specifically to allow for bingo games to play live. Popular favourites that are no more, include ITV’s Bingo Night Live which enjoyed short lived success and even Gala… Read more »

What’s in a bingo Domain Name?

When it comes to your favourite online bingo site – what’s in a name? Have you ever wondered why your favourite bingo site’s URL is what it is? We’re not talking about the brand name (e.g. Mecca), however; we’re referring to the .com or .uk after their name. Moves are currently afoot to make much… Read more »

Online Bingo Software – which platform is best?

Playing bingo online is a pastime which requires some thought, although getting involved initially is extremely straightforward over time you will begin to develop preferences and have specific expectations of new bingo sites. This is often down to the software that the sites are powered by.  

Celebrity Endorsements of Online Bingo Sites

Old faces and new fans As an online bingo fan, you’re bound to have seen countless celebrities appearing on TV and magazine adverts, as well as online, promoting well-known bingo brands. What players think about them however, and how they react to them, differs from person to person. The marketing companies behind the faces want… Read more »

Managing your Money – a Guide to Bingo Budgeting

It’s no secret that everyone wants to make the most out of their money, especially when it comes to playing bingo online. You want to get the most games for your cash but equally want to get involved with some of those big money games. It can be easy to get carried away and spend… Read more »

The Different Habits of Male and Female Bingo Players

A new report published in September 2012 has seen a researcher question the traditional belief of women as less ‘risk averse’ than men. It’s always been said that men are more reckless when it comes to gambling, whether this be in a casino environment or in an online bingo room yet a study completed by… Read more »

Love in the Online Bingo Room?

If you’re playing in online bingo rooms regularly, chances are you’ll bump into a few familiar faces from time to time, but have you ever felt the first flutters of passion? Is there room for romance to reign free in this online environment? We don’t see why not as plenty of people meet their future… Read more »