How to Pose for Photos like a Celebrity

Have you ever noticed that all your favourite celebs seem to do the same pose on the red carpet? That’s not an accident. They’ve figured out the best way to pose for photos so they look slim and glamorous, no matter what angle the photographer is shooting them at or what they’re actually doing. Today,… Read more »

The Best Creative Commons Photos of 2013

In the early days of the internet, the photos people used were usually covered by a copyright that didn’t actually allow the use of the image, if the photos weren’t their own images. Then Creative Commons licences came along, and it opened up a whole world of professional photography to blogs and websites everywhere. Below… Read more »

These RAF Photos Will Blow Your Mind

Since NBED, the Royal Air Force has held a photography competition. It’s aim is two-fold. First, the organisers want to encourage RAF photographers to hone their skills and improve their craft, and second, they want to give the photographers and their talents wider recognition. The RAF isn’t just full of pilots and parachuting regiments. It… Read more »

The Best Photo Gifts for Christmas

These days, you can get your favourite photos on all sorts of things. You can turn a wedding photo into a wall canvas. You can put your dog on a cushion. You can put a cute group shot in a snow globe. You can even put your mug on a mug. There are so many… Read more »

10 Awesome Family Portrait Ideas

Family portraits are difficult things. You have to get everyone together, and you have to book the photographer. Then you have to decide if you will wear matching outfits, coordinating outfits, nice clothes or casual clothes. You have to choose a location or a background if you are in a studio. Then you have to… Read more »

You’ll be Thankful for the Cold with This Winter Photography

This is the awkward time of year when the cold weather has pushed through, but we haven’t quite got around to packing away the swimming costumes and pulling out the heavy coats. If you’re still dreaming of beach holidays or a warm snap of weather so you can wear your sandals one last time, let… Read more »

5 Surprising Ways to Get Awesome Smartphone Photos

Great photography is all about the basics: make sure your lighting is great, use the Rule of Thirds to compose your shot, and get close to your subject to keep it from looking too small and insignificant. If you do those, you’ll get a great shot. You can then use apps to create cool effects,… Read more »

15 Lucky Shots You Won’t Believe

Action photography is all about timing: you can frame up the shot as much as you like, but if you don’t get the shot exactly right, the subject will be blurry, out of frame or awkwardly caught in between movements. You can increase shutter speeds, hit the button over and over and do everything in… Read more »

Take Better Photos – Getting the basics down

Taking good photos is all about the basics. If you know the fundamentals, you can set up shots that will impress your family and friends and will look good forever. Read on to learn how to take better photos by getting the basics down.   The rule of thirds If you want to talk basics… Read more »

10 Photos You Won’t Believe were Taken on Earth

It’s strange, isn’t it? After just a few years on the planet, we take for granted the amazing things on it. We all know deserts are sandy, sparkling blue water is gorgeous, forests are green, and we just get on with our lives. We see them all the time on TV, in films and in… Read more »