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Bingo Networks are groups of bingo sites that share bingo rooms with each other.  For example – If you sign up to Tidy Bingo and your best friend signs up to Showreel Bingo, you would have both joined the ‘15 Network’. You will end up in the same rooms together, playing and chatting with each other. You may have joined through different bingo sites but you were ‘networked’ together into the same room.

Some network sites have just one or two networked rooms, for example, the ‘Gossip Bingo Network’ consists of 3 sites; Gossip Bingo, Diva Bingo, Bingo Giving. While other sites offer nothing but rooms hosted on the network; the dragonfish/globalcom network has over 20 sites (and counting) that huddle everyone into the same rooms.

As a player, bingo networks can seem like a mystery.  ‘But I play at this bingo site and you’re telling me that I’m also competing against players at that bingo site too?’  Yes. That’s right.

Many bingo sites that are part of a network can offer both standalone and/or network bingo rooms.  For example, Iceland Bingo offers Dragonfish network rooms plus its very own standalone room – The Freezer.  Standalone rooms give bingo sites the chance to stand out from other sites on their network by offering special games and promotions that are exclusively available to their own players.

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15 Network

The 15 Network is a group of bingo sites that's powered by bingo software from Jumpman Gaming. The network includes brands such as Tidy Bingo and founding member site - Lights Camera Bingo.

Microgaming Network

The Microgaming Bingo Network is the online bingo arm of the much bigger Microgaming Network, which also features online poker rooms and online casinos.

Parabol Network

The Parabol Bingo Network is a less well-known bingo network in the UK but it's a huge success across Northern Europe. Sites including Maria Bingo and are on the Parabol Network.

Super Bingo Network

The Super Bingo Network is one of the bingo networks that falls within the larger online bingo group operated by Chelbis. Sites on the network include Harry's Bingo and iBingo.

The Gaming Network (TGN)

The Gaming Network is one of the smaller bingo networks, which features just a small group of sites that include Eyes Down Bingo and Bingo Bulldog.

Virtue Fusion Network

The Virtue Fusion Bingo Network is one of the internet's larger networks, which features some of the UK's biggest names including land-based operators like Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo.

Winners Bingo Network

Winners Bingo Network is the biggest of five Cozy Games-powered networks. Bingo sites on WBN include Pay Day Bingo, Fun Bingo, Lucky Touch Bingo and Bingo Riot.

Probability Games

The Probability Games Network is a small network that's dedicated to delivering bingo games and casino games to mobile phone users. Sites on the network include Touch My Bingo and Lady Lucks.

Live Bingo Network

The Live Bingo Network has grown to become one of the bigger bingo networks on the internet, thanks to a rapid increase in sites during 2013. Bingo sites on LBN include Aunty Acid Bingo and Big Bucks Bingo.

Leapfrog Network

The Leapfrog Network is a small and relatively unique bingo network featuring sites that include Bingo Cafe and Bingo Liner. Unusually for modern bingo sites, you have to download Leapfrog software.

The big advantage to offering network bingo rooms is higher player traffic and bigger jackpots.  For the big bingo networks, this offers the ability to link up rooms for big games and it allows for huge specials such as the £1 million game on the Dragonfish Network, something that is only made possible through the size of the network.  For smaller bingo networks, having these network rooms can make the difference between being able to offer around the clock bingo or not.

One of the most famous bingo networks has to be the Virtue Fusion Bingo Network, which is home to the hugely popular Bingo Linx games and sites like Bet365 Bingo, Paddy Power Bingo and Gala Bingo to name a few. The Bingo Linx games are based on the national games found at land-based operators, where special rooms are opened at certain times for these big network jackpot games that can be played every day of the week.

The Dragonfish Bingo Network has faced criticism for its repetitive nature, being home to a huge number of the biggest names in online bingo such as 888 Bingo and Nutty Bingo.  However, this so called ‘boring’ bingo network is still the biggest and most played bingo network in the world. Make your own minds up!

Search our online bingo reviews below by the network that they’re hosted on.  Find all of the sites on each network and details about any specials and jackpots.