A section of frequently asked questions relating to bingo

How do you play video (TV) bingo?

Video bingo comes in a few different guises, from online ‘video bingo’ that is actually little more than an animated version of the game, to live television broadcasts.

How do you play bingo slots a.k.a slingo!?

‘Bingo slots’ means different things to different people, so let’s take a look at what you might think of when you hear the phrase. First and foremost, we’ll take a look at Slingo, a true crossover between bingo and slots that has been around since 1995.

How do you play with bingo cards?

Bingo cards are at the heart of the game, but unless you know what you’re doing – or are playing bingo online with an ‘autodaub’ function switched on – you risk missing a call, and missing out on a prize.

How many bingo numbers are there?

If you’ve always played the same type of bingo game at the same place – whether online or in a real-world bingo hall – you might confidently say there are 90 numbers in a game of bingo. After all, they call 90 ‘top of the shops‘, don’t they? Well yes, they do – and it… Read more »

How to make your own Bingo Cards

One of the great joys of bingo is how easily you can make your own version to play at home, during journeys, or at parties. Making bingo cards is easy enough, but we’ll go through the full process below with some tips on how to make your game cards the best they can be. We’ll also… Read more »

How To Win at Bingo

Winning at bingo is easier than it might first seem – it is, after all, a game of chance, so if you play for long enough, simple probability means that you should win something. Unfortunately, the randomness of the game means that you can’t directly influence your odds of winning the prize in any particular… Read more »

How to Play Bingo

Almost everybody has played bingo at one time or another – whether in a seaside amusement, as a childhood game, or (for the grown-ups) with drink involved. Of course, many of us have also played the more formal versions of the game in bingo halls or online, and it is here that the biggest jackpots are usually… Read more »