Bingo Bloggers

Two Little Fleas wanted to create a page where anyone could voice their views on any issue related to bingo, gaming or gambling; that’s why we created Bingo Bloggers in July 2014 to provide a space where bingo lovers could write without constraint about the game they love. If you think you have what it takes, we would love to hear from you! All you need is a strong passion for bingo and a word processor. Email us at introducing yourself and let us know what you would like to write about!

This is what 24 Hours in Online Bingo looks like

24 Hours in the Wink of an eye Wink Bingo have been conducting research into the online bingo world for some time now and they’ve published their results in a new 24 Hours in Online Bingo dashboard. A static version can be found below, but the proper dashboard updates in real time, giving you a… Read more »

9 Bingo Sites We’re Amazed Don’t Exist Already

There are hundreds and hundreds of bingo sites out there nowadays. We’ve seen some crazy designs and brands become reality, but there’s always a few ideas that nobody seems to have come up with yet. So, we wracked our brains and came up with some fun suggestions for sites that we’re amazed don’t exist already…. Read more »

Opinion – Should obscene bonuses be left in the past?

Competitive spirit Finding a good bingo site can be hard. With hundreds and hundreds of sites to choose from, it can be quite daunting too. At the same time though, sites are also finding it hard. Acquiring players is vital to their success and with a high level of competition, it can be tricky. Bonuses… Read more »

The Ten Best Bingo Sites We Found This Year

We found a lot of new bingo sites in 2015 and we’re excited to keep up the hard work in 2016! To round the year off neatly, we’ve selected our personal favourites from the year. Every site on this list stands out from the crowd by doing something different or new. Of course, this isn’t a… Read more »

Why are Terms & Conditions suddenly becoming more prominent?

All change please You might have noticed a subtle change in bingo sites recently. In recent weeks, most sites have altered their promotional banners and images. It looks like these changes have been made to adhere to relatively new UK gaming laws. Earlier this year, in March, the UK Gambling Commission referenced these changes in… Read more »

Weekly News Round-Up – 18/12

Another week, another news round-up! We’ve been waiting years, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens is finally here! Not even bingo could keep us from seeing it this week. New bingo sites pop up on a regular basis and we’re amazed that nobody seems to want to cash in on the Star Wars hype. Lightsaber… Read more »

Weekly News Round-Up – 11/12

Hello roomies and welcome back to our weekly news round-up! It’s December 11th and we’re just two weeks away from the big day. Don’t worry if you still have presents to buy – we do too. We’ve been busy grabbing the latest and best offers from across the online bingo world for you and we… Read more »

Weekly News Round-Up – 4/12

December is finally here! Various parts of the UK are already being battered with snow and many are still recovering from a hectic Black Friday weekend. Of course, Christmas is right around the corner now (three weeks today!), so you’re probably already feeling the stress of the big day. Bingo becomes even more important in… Read more »

How well do you know your bingo calls?

We love online bingo at Two Little Fleas (obviously), but it will never completely replace the traditional bingo hall in our hearts. Chat rooms can generate a good buzz and a nice online atmosphere, but nothing beats the buzz of a bingo hall when a big win comes in. Bingo calls have always been a… Read more »

5 Ways to Stay in Control with Online Bingo

Online bingo by its nature, is an addictive pastime. Having fun, the thrill of winning and just being immersed in that bingo atmosphere is … intoxicating. Unfortunately, there are cases when people take this too far. Ultimately, they cause problems for themselves and cast a negative sheen on online bingo. There’s more: A story recently… Read more »