5 Cool (and Cheap) Science Experiments You can Do at Home

If your kids are the inquisitive types, they probably need near constant stimulation to stay interested in things, especially at the weekends. Luckily, the internet is full of cool (and cheap) science experiments you can do at home. Here are five of our favourites. Find your blind spot with a card Source I bet you… Read more »

Trees Strike Gold and Other Cool Things Science Has Learned

Science is constantly revealing more awesome and wonderful things in the world around us. From trees that show us where gold is, to the mystery of a spinning Egyptian statuette, these are the coolest things science has taught us this week. Trees can show us where to look for gold deposits Scientists examining eucalyptus trees… Read more »

5 Ways Sci-Fi Has Come to Life

There are a lot of things sci-fi has predicted. The internet, mobile phones and even automatic sliding doors were all anticipated or inspired by the technology used in science fiction. It’s not surprising when you think about it. Kids who read sci-fi tend to be more interested in science and technology. When they get older,… Read more »

Back Stories of the Zodiac Constellations

The constellations are fascinating, and none have had more influence on us than those of the zodiac. But there is more to their power than the predictions they inspire in the back of magazines. In addition to the actual scientific interest they inspire, they also have fascinating back stories that evoke some of the most… Read more »

The Matrix is Real: Three theories that will blow your mind

The question posed by The Matrix films got everyone at the turn of the century thinking: what if reality isn’t real? Most of us just thought about the implications of being plugged into a machine that projected a fake reality in our brains for an afternoon, and then we moved on. But some people, including… Read more »

Singing in a Choir Has Some Fantastic Side Effects

Imagine something that can ease the symptoms of depression, might be able to regulate heartbeats can may even be able to help sufferers of Parkinson’s disease regain control over their vocal chords. These results have not been linked to some miracle pill or a difficult exercise: they have been linked to singing in a choir…. Read more »

Soon, You Could Have Artificial Skin

Imagine a world where people with artificial limbs could feel water on their prosthetic device. Well, that world isn’t too far off. Scientists at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have created flexible sensors that, when added to thin plastic, can sense humidity, temperature and touch almost as well as real skin. Source These new sensors… Read more »