Art & Design

Collaborating With a Toddler

Most parents try to keep their little children away from their work, and Texas-based artist Mica Angela Hendricks felt the same. She got a new sketchbook, and she worried that her four-year-old daughter Myla would scribble all over her precious drawings. So she kept Myla far away from her sketchbook. But Myla had learned one… Read more »

The Big Wallpaper Trends of 2014

When you think trendy, you rarely think of wallpaper. And that’s a good thing. Wallpaper manufacturers realise they make a product that won’t likely be removed for five or ten years, and they want to make designs that will stand the test of time. But they also need to look somewhat modern for the customers… Read more »

Cool Art Inspired by the Cosmos

Space art seems on the surface to be a really specific genre. After all, it is art about space. But once you dig into the subject a little bit, you see how varied it can be. It can include abstract and realistic art. It can include futuristic subjects or ones we’ve observed in outer space…. Read more »

Amazing Nail Art You Won’t Believe

This might seem like an odd subject to have a post about, right? Just how artistic can you get with varnish and nails? When it comes to painting your nails, you grab a varnish, flop on a few coats and you’re done. Well, people on the internet like to take things a step further. And… Read more »

10 Art Quotes to Inspire You This Week

No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist. - Oscar Wilde

We all need a little inspiration now and again, and no one knows that better than an artist. So let these art quotes inspire you this week.   Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source   We made these images with Fotor, an online image editor. Use it to make your own… Read more »

10 Everyday Designs You Won’t Believe Are So Old

Things are constantly changing in the world of design. It seems like every five years, a company has a rebranding and gets rid of its familiar products, logos and slogans. After all, they have to keep pace with modern times, right? Well, below are ten everyday designs that have stood the test of time. And… Read more »

10 Secrets of Interior Design

Interior design is a passion of many Brits. We buy magazines, watch TV shows and read blog posts like this to learn about the newest trends, get inspiration and more. But often, the most important elements of interior design have little to do with the newest rugs or which themes we choose. These are the… Read more »

Outsider Art: The hot art trend we can all afford

Over the summer, the Hayward Gallery in London featured an exhibition called An Alternative Guide to the Universe. That exhibition showcased what is called “outsider art”, and it took the capital by storm. But what is outsider art? What does it mean, and why is it the one form of art that is accessible to… Read more »

The Funniest Looking Furniture

Going furniture shopping can be tedious. There are only so many ways to design a bookshelf, a sofa or a bed, right? Well, no one told these furniture designers because they have built clocks, beds and tables that are as much a punch line as they are functional pieces of furniture. So just how wacky… Read more »