How well do you know your bingo calls?

We love online bingo at Two Little Fleas (obviously), but it will never completely replace the traditional bingo hall in our hearts.

Chat rooms can generate a good buzz and a nice online atmosphere, but nothing beats the buzz of a bingo hall when a big win comes in.

Bingo calls have always been a fun way of injecting personality and fun into the game, but we’ve yet to really see them come to the online world.

Some sites feature virtual bingo callers, but it’s not quite the same thing…

Hopefully, as online bingo grows and grows, we’ll see an increase in the number of live bingo callers, bringing back beloved elements from the bingo hall experience.

Return of the bingo calls?

Until then, we can still bring bingo calls to the online world in other ways!

We’ve put together a little quiz to test all you roomies on your bingo call knowledge. You probably know Two Fat Ladies or Two Little Ducks, but what about the more obscure ones?

All the bingo calls in our quiz have been used in 90 ball games in bingo halls up and down the country.

Some have been phased out in favour of modernised calls, but there’s still a good chance that you’ll hear these calls in your local bingo hall today!

So, test your knowledge below and let us know how you do!

Eyes down now… No cheating!

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