This is what 24 Hours in Online Bingo looks like

24 Hours in the Wink of an eye

Wink Bingo have been conducting research into the online bingo world for some time now and they’ve published their results in a new 24 Hours in Online Bingo dashboard.

A static version can be found below, but the proper dashboard updates in real time, giving you a good idea of just how popular online bingo actually is.

Through the dashboard, we’ve discovered some pretty interesting facts too. For example, across every site on the web, over 10,000 games are played every single day.

this is what 24 hours in online bingo looks like

On average, at least £1,300,000 is won in those games with the biggest ever online bingo win being £950,000.

It’s not all about money though. Bingo players are a social lot and Wink Bingo have the stats to back it up – 13 million chat messages are sent by 175,000 players every day! That’s an awful lot of typing…

More changes to come?

Historically, bingo has always been viewed as a game exclusively for old people. But, thanks to the growing popularity of the online game, the crowd is getting younger and younger.

Online bingo players are still mostly female (80%), but the average age of a player is now 45. Will that average keep going down? It will be interesting to see.

You can see the live 24 Hours in Online Bingo dashboard at Wink Bingo right now.

It’s a great resource for inquisitive minds who want to learn more about the game. Click through the link above and see what 24 Hours in Online Bingo looks like for yourself!

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