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Bingo Chatroom Lingo

The first time you go into a chat room all the words and letters used by other players might look like a foreign language! But don’t worry, chat talk is more straightforward than it looks and you’ll be joining in with the other ‘roomies’ before you know it.

Learn the lingo

Some rooms might have their own favourite phrases or acronyms, but most are the same across the board. Once you’ve learned them you’ll be able to type in half the time and enjoy a proper chat while you keep your eye on the balls!

Remember, all rooms are hosted by friendly CMs (Chat Monitors) so don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t understand.

Most bingo games will start with an encouraging GL (Good Luck) from the CM, and from other players too. As the game goes on, players might post 3tg, 2tg or 1tg (1 to go) depending on how many numbers they have left to match. As winners are announced, other players might say WD (Well Done) or offer a cheery WTG (Way To Go). It’s easy to join in!

Bingo bilingual

Most chat rooms have a range of emoticons you can use to add to your messages, from smiley faces to cups of coffee and birthday cake! It is standard for the chat monitor to throw ‘lucky dust’ into the room just before each game starts too, so there’s never a dull moment.

Bingo’s not the only subject covered. Chat rooms are a great place to make new friends and one of the many reasons that players keep coming back. So get involved – you’ll find it brightens your day no end!

With all languages it’s good to have a dictionary handy. So here’s our very own guide to bingo lingo!

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