Bingo Gets the Go-Ahead to Re-Open

Online bingo is fun sure but being able to play bingo at your local venue with friends is a different level of fun. Millions of us have been unable to do this for what seems an eternity, only now we have some light at the end of that very long tunnel. Bingo clubs up and down England have been given a date to re-open (at last!) but when? We’ll get to that shortly.

Boris Johnson made an announcement little over a week ago and the words he spoke have lifted the spirits of the whole nation, but his words only implied to England which left many Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish residents dumbfounded. June 21st is the date the England opens up completely, but hospitality and non-essential retail and businesses will have long been open. The map for opening up has been laid out, but unless you live solely in England, you’ve a longer time to wait!

Road Map to Opening Bingo:

April 12th sees retail, outdoor hospitality, hairdressers, zoos and self-catering accommodation back up and running. A little over a month later on May 17th, indoor hospitality, indoor gyms, cinemas, sports stadiums up to 10,000 fan capacity, spas and saunas and bingo halls will open their doors once again. Nightclubs will be the last to open on June 21st and by this time, everything – absolutely everything in England will be back to how it was pre-apocalypse!

First Minster for Wales, Mark Drakeford launched a scathing attack on the Prime minster in a Tweet which was swiftly deleted, saying that his timeline for re-opening is dangerous and that Wales wouldn’t be following suit. So, here I am in less than sunny Wales wondering when the heck I can go back to my local bingo hall!

It may be bad news for me, but it isn’t for our English readers who only have less than 90-days to wait to visit their local venues. From Castle Bino to Buzz Bingo, Mecca to Club3000, each one has taken to social media to express their excitement at the government’s announcement, with many fans eager to get back to dabbing those tickets.

May 17th will be an important and exciting day for many of our TLF readers, but there are a few things we’re itching to tell you! Clubs won’t just fling open their doors and welcome everyone back to full capacity – there will be a limit to the number of players permitted to enter. Best to keep following your local club on Facebook for updates and announcements on when you can start booking a session spot.

Next up, bingo ticket prizes may be higher than you recall, what with being a way for so long! Again, check the website before booking or attending. Playing bingo at your local is not like playing bingo online, you don’t get freebies and you need to concentrate! If you miss a number that’s your chances of winning gone out the window! If you have a spend limit online with the likes of Buzz Bingo, this will be linked to your membership card and it will be the same in club as it is online.

It may be a good idea to brush up on the rules before attending too – how to play, how to win and most importantly, how to win a jackpot are always vital. Stay lucky fleas!

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