A ‘Royal’ Bingo Treat for Cardiff Care Home Residents

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have their roles to play within the Royal Family; from long-winded trips to various parts of the globe to addressing children in schools, but the pair have taken their duties one step further this week with a task nobody was ever expecting.

The loved-up couple have a mission to bring a little joy and relief to care workers across the UK and whilst being very limited in terms of what they can do, this didn’t stop them surprising staff and residents at a Welsh care home recently.

On Wednesday May 20th, Prince William and Catherine made a surprise video call to the Shire Hall Care Home in Cardiff to host a special game of online bingo – virtual style. The Prince is a treasure to the county, but his bingo skills were severely lacking, and this triggered a belly-load of laughs. 

Prior to the numbers being called, Prince William joked: “I’ve never known Welsh people not know how to have fun.” As each ball was called, the Royal duo tried their hand at a few traditional bingo calls such as one little duck and eighty two – tickety boo.

We Have a Winner!

Joan Drew-Smith, a resident at the care home called ‘house’ before asking the couple how they were. The Prince replied: “We’re very well thanks. How did we do at bingo? We did okay?” But he didn’t get the reply he was expecting and neither did the other residents!

The winner replied: “It wasn’t as good as it should have been,” which caused many a giggle! Her carer Margaret Jones, tried to play-down Ms Drew-Smith’s comments and said: “They haven’t done so well in the bingo there.” Before ending the call, William vowed to do better next time.

Healthy Mind:

May 18th to 24th was Mental Health Awareness Week and the Royal pair honoured this with more serious video conversations when the numbers were put away. The purpose of the call was to enquire about and listen to mental health concerns of the professionals, but they thought playing this new type of bingo would lift the spirits of all those involved.

Tips for good mental health include getting plenty of sleep, eating well, avoiding alcohol, smoking and drugs, getting plenty of sunlight and doing an activity you love. I’m not exactly a lover of exercise but taking the dogs for a walk once or twice a day really does boost the mind.

Improve your mental wellbeing by turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts, thinking in the present and not the past and one of my favourites – connecting with friends and family via social media.

Source: “Kate Middleton and Prince Willian Host a Virtual Bingo Game for Care Home Residents”. Elle. May 22, 2020.

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