Bongo’s Bingo Requests Planning Permission Despite Being Open to the Public for Six Months!

Planning permission has been sought by Bongo’s Bingo in Liverpool this week, despite being open to the public for the last 6-months. Call me stupid, but aren’t you supposed to get permission before opening?

Hey, I know, let’s just slap up an extension on the end of the house and then apply for planning permission. It doesn’t work like that and everyone knows the council would make you rip it down, so why should this case be any different?

This isn’t the first time the world-famous bingo event has hit the headlines, what with currently being the subject of a bitter legal battle. Joshua Burke claims he developed the exclusive (head) dabbing event whilst working at Camp and Furnace, however, Johnny Bongo also claims to own the rights, what with being Burke’s employer…

…A High Court judgement on who actually owns the brand is set to be released later this year. Back to the planning now and the council in Liverpool will decide whether to grant planning permission for its use next week. Officers at the department have recommended a permit be granted for five years.

Loud and Clear:

A statement submitted with the planning application says: “The warehouse has been constructed and the use has commenced.The proposal is for the warehouse to operate as a multi-use space that offers music, concerts, a dance hall and bingo.

The main event is Bongo’s Bingo, a twist on traditional bingo as it is provided alongside entertainment events which offer comedy, music, dancing and performances by featured guest artists. This is every Friday and Saturday night and on other special days such as bank holidays, occasionally.”

Alexander Lagoyiannis from Content Liverpool Ltd said: “We are pleased that this application is going to committee on February 18 with a positive recommendation for approval after working constructively with Liverpool City Council.”

Battle Bingo!

Throwing a spanner into the ‘I won it’ works comes Baltic Triangle – the venue Camp is requesting exclusive rights for the Bingo’s bingo events on Merseyside. The venue demands a hefty share of the profits from Shua Ltd; this is the firm owned by Johnny Bingo (aka Jonathan Lacey) and his colleague Joshua Burke.

It’s chewing gum to the ears if you ask me; raving and bingo do not go together. Or am I just getting old? Just what is Bongo’s Bingo? It’s a bingo party with a difference. Each game of bingo delivers three chances to win. If more than one person calls for the full house, you’ll all be invited to the stage to compete for the prize…

…What you’ll win is anyone’s guess at these events. Prizes have been known to range from cash to giant inflatable sex toys. When the bingo is over, it’s back to the party with dancing, performances and lots of alcohol.

Strangely enough, this new bingo company is taking over the world with an upcoming session being held in Australia; Melbourne on the 16th of Feb, Brisbane on the 21st and Sydney on the 22nd. April will see the bingo madness invading Amsterdam before heading off all around the UK. Will you be there?

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