Derby Day Looming for Former Bingo Hall

There was once a time bingo hall would line every corner of our high streets, now, you’re lucky if you live within an hour’s drive of one. Safe to say bingo halls are fast approaching extinction, but their online bingo counterparts are booming! Going out to socialise with friends and a game of bingo is losing its appeal and as a result more bingo halls are shutting their doors for good – one of these was Buzz Bingo in Derby only quite recently and now a major supermarket is planning on sending in the bulldozers.

Sifin Lane, Foresters Park Centre in Derby is a hive of activity with fast food outlets, a cinema, DIY shops and quite a few supermarkets, but residents could soon be about to see another spring up and not everyone is happy. The former bingo hall was packed to the rafters every morning, afternoon and evening and when the company announced it would be axing some 570 jobs across 26 clubs, the Derby one venue was first on the hit list.

Not Another Supermarket!

Bingo dabbing residents were up in arms at the closure with many vowing never to play again, but in reality, they did, and they only had to travel the short distance to Liversage Street in Derby to play bingo and games again; and there was always the online option. With all those job losses, the news of a major supermarket coming is what many want to hear, and Lidl are currently seeking the go ahead from Derby City Council to start building a new superstore.

The former entertainment venue is part of the planning application and so too is a car park with approximately 120 parking spaces, but many fear there will not be enough parking for the volume of shoppers in the area. The building has been laying empty since September of last year and the proposed plans state there would be 40 full and part-time jobs available should planning get the green light.

A statement submitted to the council on behalf of the applicant said: “The proposed alterations provide an opportunity to deliver a high-quality scheme in a sustainable location, which will bring a currently unoccupied building back into active use. “The proposal will enhance the site and surrounding area and make a positive contribution to the local economy through local employment and investment.”

Source: “Lidl Proposed for Site of Former Bingo Hall”. Insider Media Limited. March 5, 2021.

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