Full House for Mecca as EastEnders Star Celebrates 60th Birthday

Celebrity Bingo Calling at Its Finest!

Known for playing one of EastEnders most ruthless villains, Martin Kemp, aka Steve Owen was a man not to be messed with. At first, his suave, debonair demeaner had the viewers fooled into thinking he was a just your regular nice guy, but how many nice guys murder their exes on Valentines Day? Thankfully, the silver fox is nothing like his alter-ego. He may be known for his days in the East End of London, but many of us know him from his role in The Krays, the 1990 movie depicting the brutal life of the infamous Kray twins.

You could say he’s had a magnificent career, one of acting, presenting and singing! He was even part of a hugely successful band in the 80’s – Spandau Ballet, and the 59-year-old shows no signs of slowing down, only nowadays, you will find him on morning TV co-hosting with his internet-famous son. Is there anything this man hasn’t done? He’s done just about everything – and that list now included bingo!

Happy 60th Birthday To Both of You:

Mecca Bingo is celebrating 60-years in the bingo business, and to celebrate, they have been slashing ticket prices to reflect 1961 prices, without reducing prize money. It’s 1961 ticket prices for 2021 prizes! An enhanced welcome offer, prize draws and freebies have been introduced online as well as in-club, and Martin Kemp was invited along to celebrate with them in style!

Over the weekend, the actor/singer/presenter took to the stage in Mecca Rosehill to the delight of the players! There he stood calling the numbers with a huge grin on his face, all without making a mistake! You could say it was a bit of a rehearsal for him, what with his big milestone coming up in October. Speaking to the media he said: “With my own 60th birthday coming up in October, I know how special these milestones are, and I’m excited to be celebrating with Mecca, even getting to try my hand at bingo calling! It’s great we’ve now got opportunities to get together again and celebrate.”

In 2020, we all missed out on our Birthdays, which is why on the 14th of this month, all Mecca Bingo halls across the UK are inviting you to re-claim your lost year. Personally, I’d like to think 2020 didn’t exist, and if this means I’m a year younger than I should be, then so be it, but there’s no harm in taking part! The one-off event will feature special prizes, entertainment and a great big party atmosphere – and maybe a celeb (or two) too! If you’d like to revel in the celebrations, we recommend booking in advance to avoid any disappointment. You can do this via the mobile app or online.

Plus, there’s a chance to win £1,500 in cash this Friday, a Dyson Hair Dryer on Saturday and a 65-inch QLED Tv on the 13th, all online!

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Source: “EastEnders Star Martin Kemp Parties at Mecca Bingo Rosehill”. Sutton & Croydon Guardian. August 5, 2021.

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