Furious Bingo’ers Attack Gala Bingo for ‘Bullying’ Tactics!

Blacklisted Gala Bingo is Not a Hit with Fans!

Gala Bingo, who just happen to be among our lists of ‘blacklisted’ sites, have only gone and done the dirty on their fans and loyal customers! A few weeks ago, there they were on Facebook encouraging fans to vote for them in the best bingo category of some bingo awards ceremony and once that was done, they decided tocompletely ignore all the feedback of a recent player survey and do what they said they wouldn’t – change!

A couple of days ago, Gala Bingo put out on social media a message to say the website was down. This isn’t unusual. A site being down could be to do with all manner of factors such as a server playing up or an update going ahead. Loyal players understood this and were patient. When the site was back up and ready, the reason for it being down soon became apparent – they changed the layout without even letting anyone know!

That’s (Not) the Way to Do It:

According to a few (now ex) players on Facebook, Gala Bingo surveyed a lot of people and asked them what they liked about particular site layouts. All of those who took part said the image in the survey was horrendous and difficult to read and navigate. Now, with that in mind, you would think they’d listen, but no! Instead, they decided to go ahead with the change and installed the very theme that nobody had taken a like to!

Pat Williams was among the furious commentators who said: “In 1 day they have managed to ruin a good bingo site.” Among the new changes is something called a Boss card, where players get discounts on a specific spend a month, but on closer inspection, this isn’t as generous as it seems! According to Amber Marrison, she can get the exact same deals as Gala Bingo are offering vis what’s known as a ‘Taste Card,’ only instead of paying £80 a month (what!) to Gala, she only has to pay £30! Fifty quid is a hell of a saving! How’s that for an incentive Gala?

The most scathing of attacks came from Sandra McAllister, who has been loyal to Gala Bingo online for some 16-years, and 50-years at their land-based clubs before they “sold that out!” Her rant ripped them apart over many aspects, including where they begged for votes knowing they would be revealing an awful website once that awards ceremony was over! Stating quite openly, Sandra said she “can see why you did it the other week otherwise you would now be in the dregs. I won’t join that bingo site ever!”

Sandra really wasn’t holding back and continued with: “It’s like being stabbed in the back with this format you have put on proclaiming we can now ‘boss it’. Just for any of the management to BOSS means in the dictionary – give orders in a domineering manner, dictate to – impose ones will on – lord it over – bully – trample on – and even use strong arm tactics. Gala I cannot play on it anymore unless it changes back for the better.”

In with the new and out with the old (favourites) seems to be a theme with Gala, because it seems they’ve also knocked the jackpot wheel on the head, plus a few bingo offers and other loyalty specials! Oh, and codes have now gone too! Many have also noted how difficult it is to switch between rooms now and when you do manage to do so, by the time you select your tickets, ticket sales are closed, due to a delay in the system! Oh, and apparently, the new bingo caller’s voice “sounds creepy somewhere between serial killer and pervy stalker,” if you believe Amber!

Ouch! Of the scores and scores of comments, not one is in favour of the new changes! Morag summed up everyone’s feelings, stating: “You have not listened to what we said about changing the format…it’s bland, boring and I shall finish my deposit and will be looking for a better site.” No need to look far Morag, we have a huge list of best bingo sites here on TLF! Eat your heart out sweetie!

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