Grandma Thought She Hit the Jackpot with Her New Husband, But He Ran Off with Another Player!

Playing bingo can unearth all manner of problems; I know full well how turbulent things can get. Take me and my sister; we often visit our local bingo hall and I always pose the same question: “Shall we split if either of us win?” and my sister can never give a straight answer…

until I win! But I guess that’s siblings for you. But, one grandmother from Lincoln has revealed how her husband ditched her for another bingo player! At first, 58-year old Denise Carter thought she’d struck the jackpot when her husband began falling in love with the numbers game, but he wasn’t only falling in love with the thrill of bingo. The numbers were up on Denise’s marriage when she discovered that whilst she was working night shifts, her hubby; Graham, began playing bingo on his own.

At one point, Graham started to scour newspapers for new bingo halls to play at. Instead of a shared interest, Graham developed his own interest – interest in a fellow bingo dauber. Speaking to a local news outlet, Denise said:

“I’m devastated. Graham told me he’d fallen out of love with me because I’d gone off bingo and we wanted differentthings. I’ve always enjoyed bingo – I just didn’t want to spend all of our spare time there and I suggested maybe we could start going to the theatre instead.Now I see him and this other woman posting pictures with their bingo prizes on social media. It’s so hard to take, that was me just a few months ago.I never thought bingo would come between us.”

The Game’s Up:

Before meeting Graham, mum-of-two, Denise, had been single for more than 20-years. After meeting him through an online dating agency, Denise fell in love. It was her idea that he joins her in a game of bingo at her village hall and was thrilled he took her up on it. In their first year playing bingo as a couple, they managed to win more than£300 – money they put aside for something special.

Denise said:

“We wanted to spend it on a caravan holiday. Out of the blue, Graham said: ‘How’d you feel about making our caravan holiday a honeymoon?’ I was over the moon.”

The pair tied the knot in the July of 2014, but that joy was short-lived as Graham got itchy feet and started playing bingo at bigger venues and was seeking out more to try his luck with…

but he tried his luck with more than just bingo! “I worried he was becoming addicted,”said Denise.

Speaking to the same media outlet, Graham told his side of the story:

“Denice was always on about holidays and wanted to take her mum with us. I wasn’t happy with her. I met another lady at the bingo. Me and Denice were together, but she was doing some 24-hour shifts in her care job and I got talking to her [the other lady]. We fell in love and she left her partner of 14 years as well.”

He continued:

“Denice never really wanted to do anything. She said I was boring for doing the same thing every night, but she just wanted to sit in the house. I liked to go out on a run to the seaside, but I’d ask her, and her face would say it all. The last three holidays we went on she just wanted to sit in at night, and I didn’t enjoy them.”

What do you make of that then?

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