Lottery Winner Vows to Keep on Working

Her Numbers Up – Her Job Isn’t!

What would you do if you were to win £1,000,000? Would you invest the money, go out and splurge the cash of fancy items you’ve only ever dreamt of or would you continue as normal? A 53-year-old school dinner lady says she has “absolutely no plans” to quit her job after winning a jackpot sum of £1m on the Lotto.

Usually, Mother’s Day is a day of rest, a day of celebration and a day where you get to spend the whole day doing absolutely nothing while the kids tend to your every whim, but Karen Dakin’s mother’s day was far from the norm! Saturday March 13th, after realising she had matched the first five main balls drawn and the bonus ball, the shocked but lucky winner admitted that her and her 60-year-old husband had been parting into the wee-small hours!

We’re living in terrible times at the moment and the win couldn’t have come at a better time, what with her NHS storeman husband suffering a serious stroke recently. The first thing they plan on doing with their life-changing win is splashing the cash on their first ever home. Plus, they will be jetting off on holiday (when they can) with their 14-year-old son – another first for the family.

How did she win? Most people go for a lucky dip or randomly choose numbers, but Karen always chooses numbers that are special to her. These included her son’s year of birth and the time he was born. So effectively, her son has made his mother’s day the best day it could have ever been! Speaking to the media she said: “He (her husband) plans to stay working for a while yet, but I have absolutely no plans to give up being a dinner lady – I love my job, the school and all the kids.”

Important Lottery Info for All:

Why play the lotto on a paper ticket when you can store your tickets digitally online? Paper tickets have been known to cause a great deal of misery in the past, with tickets going missing and unclaimed prizes going unspent. Playing online will also generate an email from the National Lottery should you be fortunate enough to win.

As it stands today, there are 12 unclaimed prizes on the list, from a life-changing sum of £1,000,000 on the UK Millionaire Maker on the EuroMillions to £10,000 every month for a year! In fact, there are five UK Millionaire Maker prizes unclaimed, four £10K every month for a year prizes, two £1million Lotto prizes and a £72,215.20p prize all going unclaimed!

If you play the lottery and its many games (including scratchcards), you need to be made aware of a very important change coming in next month. As it stands now, you only need to be 16-years old to play, but from the 22nd of April, players must be 18 or over to play games both online and at a retailer. This change is in line with the government’s decision to raise the legal minimum age of play, which the National Lottery fully support.

Source: “School Dinner Lady Vows to Keep Working After £1,000,000 Lottery Win”. Metro. March 24, 2021.

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