National Bingo Day is Coming to a Club Near You!

Mecca Move to Win Buzz’in Prizes

St Patrick’s Day, St George’s Day, St David’s Day – we all have our annual national holidays to celebrate something monumental, and now, thanks to two rival land-based bingo operators, we’re set to see another national celebration added to the calendar! Only this time, we will be celebrating our love of bingo in one big nationwide bingo session. If there are a few things that unite us Brits, it’s our love of litres and litres of tea, traditional foods such as fish & chips and scones, jam and cream, and of course bingo and this is going to be one event you’re not going to want to miss!

National Bingo Day – add it to your diary, Alexa or smartphone because the event organisers are promising it will be a day (evening) to remember! PM Boris Johnson announced recently on national television the end of the ‘stay at home’ restrictions and even gave us a date – June 21st, and to celebrate our freedom, Buzz Bingo and Mecca Bingo have teamed up with the National Bingo Association in a bid to help land-based bingo venues recovery from the month and months of closure.

Miles Baron, Chief Executive of the Bingo Association, stated: “The Bingo Association and the National Bingo Game are delighted to be taking part in National Bingo Day on June 27th, working alongside operators from land-based clubs and online to bring everyone together to celebrate the great game of bingo that we all love.”

What You Need to Know:

There is a lot to organise before the big day and we’re being told both bingo operators, famed for their online content, are working tirelessly to ensure the day will be one we will never forget! We’re being promised advertisements on our screens and lots of promotional posts on social media, however, this event will be hosted at clubs up and down the country and in order to participate, those clubs need to jump on board to show their interest!

Peter Brigden, CRO of Buzz Bingo enthused: “What better way to celebrate the return of bingo to our towns than with a national day to recognise it. It’s time to get the nation going bingo crazy again – and I really hope to see the whole sector embrace it – and go big!” Go big or go home, we like it!

Catherine Warrilow, Head of PR & Content at Mecca Bingo concluded with: “We’re so excited that National Bingo Day has officially arrived in the UK. We’re proud to be a part of the campaign and it’s the year for bingo to be the evening out at the top of everyone’s list. This special day in June will be a real lynchpin for that – for us, and all operators – it’s the perfect time.”

The event will be subject to maximum capacity rules, which means not everyone is going to get in. Keep an eye on the Facebook pages of your local bingo clubs for details on how and when you can reserve a seat/table. The National Bingo Association are famed for their linked bingo games, which means you will be playing for in-house full house prizes as well as linked-up prizes. As soon as we get the details on ticket pricing, prizes and how to book, we will of course let you know!

Source: “National Bingo Day Launched to Aid Critical Venue Recovery”. SBC News. March 11, 2021.

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