National Lottery ‘Delivers’ Birthday Win of £300K for Postman

Surprises generally tend to be great, unless that surprise is an unannounced visit from your least favourite family member – I’m saying no names here! And often when we read of surprise wins, it always tends to be a win from unusual circumstances – last month, a man was having a pint at his local when he realised, he had a scratchcard in his pocket, so he whipped out this card and started to scratch it. Within a few seconds he realised he had won the top prize – £250K and calmly downed his drink and headed home! Talk about strange!

This leads us to unsuspecting winner number two – Martin Devine, a 54-year-old postman who was not only celebrating his Birthday on November 7th but a whopping great life-changing win too! With the country being in different ‘tiers,’ Martin and his wife Sandra found themselves at home instead of having a slap-up meal at their local Italian restaurant. Sat on the sofa, Sandra turns to her hubby and asks him to go to the local shop to buy some scratchcards, so doing what any husband should, he agreed and off her went to the shop.

On his return, he handed his wife the scratchcards who was sat on the stairs. There she sat revealing the numbers beneath the coating and thought at first, they’d won £100. Martin disagreed and said it was £1,000 – but neither were right because what they had won was far, far greater than £100 or £1,000! Picking up the phone, the pair called Camelot – something you should always do if the result isn’t obvious and it was there, they learned they had won £300,000!

Many Happy Returns:

Camelot asked the pair some questions relating to the ticket and the gobsmacked couple could hardly believe what they were hearing! Sandra said, “The agent at Camelot asked me if I was sitting down which I thought was odd for a £100 win. I just couldn’t believe it when they told me I had won the top prize. I just kept shouting ‘no!’. It really has come at the perfect time.” The mum of three revealed her youngest (9-years-old) has already asked for an iPhone 12 – I’ll have one too please!

Unlike bingo, scratchcards can be confusing, and Camelot understand this which is why they introduced a feature a while back where if you’ve won, the machine (at any retailer!) will produce a jingle. If the machine makes a sound after the shop assistant scans the ticket, you’ve won! So, listen out for that next time you check a ticket.

Plans are being drawn up on…

…what to spend the fortune on, but top of the list is a new, bigger home for the family. Sandra said, “It’ll be the first time our 13-year-old daughter will have had her own room, so she is already planning the décor.” But what does the Birthday boy – and the man who delivered the winning ticket have his eye on? A new set of wheels: “As a postman, Martin has always driven a van, so he wants to buy a new car. I was taking driving lessons before lockdown in March so I can’t wait to start these again. We’re not quite sure yet what make or model we’ll go for, but we’re excited to go car shopping.” There’s no better feeling than shopping for a brand-new car Sandra!

Did you know the National Lottery has been supporting good causes around the UK since 1994? In that time there have been more than 5,900 millionaires created and ait’s estimated £30million is raised for good causes each week!

Source: “Postie with the Most: Martin ‘Delivers; £300K Scratchcard”. National Lottery. November 16, 2020.

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