New ‘Safe Mate’ OJO Feature Rolled Out

Staying Safe Online Just Got Easier!

Staying safe online is something we should all be doing and not just when it comes to our details. Responsible gambling encourages us to stay within our means and enjoy ourselves in the process, but sometimes, saying one thing and doing it are two completely different things! I’ll hold my hand up ad admit that there have been a few occasions where I have spent more than I should, but all this stopped when I made use of the play limitation settings within my online bingo/casino account(s).

Safe Mate is a brand-new feature for Play OJO’s UK facing customers. Whether you’re playing bingo there, slots or live casino gameshows, this new feature (thanks to Neccton), acts as your best buddy and will help you to see exactly what you are doing – and when! This BFF feature is a dashboard with information, statistics and figures all compressed into one easy to understand platform and its aim is to help players keep track of their play time and spends while helping those who need to reduce their spending at the same time.

What’s the Big Deal?

Teaming up with Neccton, Play OJO believe we could be doing more when it comes to gambling. How long ago was it you set your deposit limits? It’s always a good idea to adjust spending – downwards not upwards. But are they the only brand to introduce something such as this? At the moment, yes, but in recent weeks we have seen new features introduced at other websites, including Britain’s biggest bingo site – Tombola.

Peter Bennett, head of brand at Play OJO, commented: “We are delighted to partner with Neccton to offer our players this state-of-the-art new safer gambling tool. We pride ourselves on being the faironline casino and bingo site and will continue to find new innovative methods and tools to help promote safe play for our customers.”

The new dashboard can be accessed from player’s accounts with ease. Mobile bingo players can access the feature by clicking the three lines (menu) to the top left of the screen and making their way to the ‘safe mate’ option within ‘play history.’ Desktop users will find it in the same place, only getting there is a little different. The main menu on desktop is housed to the left of the screen, not hidden within a tab.

The previous feature – game activity, details what games were played and when (including free bingo, any bonus spins etc), whereas the new no-nonsense gambling buddy shows recent gambling from the 7-days to 180-days ago, your win/loss ratio, amount deposited, amount withdrawn, number of days playing and the overall duration of your gaming session(s). Seeing all this in black and white will help players gamble more responsibly in my opinion, but for those who feel it may not work, there are other features in place:

  • Deposit limits: Daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Play limitations: 24-hour ban to self-exclusion.
  • Game status reminder: Choose to set reminders from every 15-minutes to as many as 90-minutes! Sometimes we all lose track of time, but we shouldn’t when it comes to gambling, which is why we should all have this one firmly in place!

Source: “PlayOJO launches new responsible gambling tool”. iGamingBusiness. April 13, 2021.

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