Play Bingo or Meet Barack Obama? The Answer May Surprise You

There’s no doubt we’d all like to rub shoulders with the rich and famous – I have on many occasions; I spent a (very long!) day on set with popular bands as they filmed the videos for what was to be number one hits, I’ve met movie stars in the most obscure places and even got to go backstage ta one concert – and it’s an experience I’ll never forget.

Imagine though, you were offered the chance to meet Barack Obama, would you go and shake hands with the ex-president of the United States or go play bingo? There’s no contest – I’d choose Barack Obama over bingo any day, but a very famous actor has revealed his mother decided to do just the opposite!

When Bingo is Life:

Anthony Anderson who many of you will recognise from the hit-US TV series Black-ish, revealed his mother Doris is so much of a fan of bingo, she would rather try her luck with bingo than meet her idol Barack Obama. On Monday’s episode of Ellen, he touched on many a topic with host Sarah Silverman while his parents sat in the audience. When asked if bingo was important to his mother, he said:

“This is a priority for her, so much of a priority that, during Obama’s second term, actually the last few months he was in office, I was invited to the White House, I asked my mom to come with me to the White House, she turned down a visit to the White House to play bingo!”

The audience were gasping in disbelief, but she still t this day doesn’t regret her decision. “She did. I said, ‘Mama, you’re gonna turn down a visit to the White House for the first black president in the world, or in America at least, to play bingo?’ And she was like, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna play bingo.’” As the audience laughed, he revealed that night she just happened to win – maybe not a jackpot but a fixed sum of $250, but as the applauds came flooding in, he jokingly said “Don’t clap for that! My mother is a degenerate gambler.”

You’d think her passion for bingo would be hindered with all current bingo hall restrictions (and closures), but when she’s looking for somewhere to play bingo – she’ll find it! Anderson revealed she has been playing drive-thru bingo where your car radio is used as speaker system, and they have a very elaborate way of signalling a win – by hammering on their horn! Only in the US would you find something like this, but in all honesty – I’m jealous! Why haven’t us Brits though of this?

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Source: “Anthony Anderson Reveal to Ellen Guest Host Sarah Silverman that His Mother Turned Down a Chance to Meet President Obama for a Game of Bingo”. Daily Mail. November 9, 2020.

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