Random Attack Results in 80-Year Old Giving Up Bingo for Good

Bingo for many of us is a way to socialise and to take a step away from our everyday lives. For the elderly, it’s a lifeline and sometimes the only way they have of reaching the world, but one elderly woman has vowed to never play the game again, after she was attacked in her local bingo earlier this year.

Kenneth Stilgoe, 33, was out celebrating the overturning of a 10-year jail term for another attack when he struck the elderly woman and another man outside of the Carlisle branch of Buzz Bingo. That’s some way to celebrate hey! Stilgoe in 2016 launched an unprovoked attack on a man on Christmas Day of all days and was awaiting a retrial after his appeal against his sentence was successful.

The father-of-four was celebrating…

…with friends and family back in March and had become intoxicated. He repeatedly punched a man outside of Buzz Bingo and then went on to storm the bingo hall looking for his next victim. CCTV showed him clambering over tables and chairs before he reached an 80-year old woman who was playing bingo with her back to him. The court heard how he grabbed the woman and forced her face onto the table before pulling her head back towards him and proceeding to punch her twice in the back of the head!

Multiple Strikes You’re Out:

In a statement read to the court, the pensioner said: “I have never known pain like it. I thought I was going to die. I will never heal from this. I just want my normal little life back. One thing I know for certain is that I will never playhttps://www.twolittlefleas.co.uk/bingo-guides/play-bingo/ again.” The vicious attack resulted in Carlisle Crown Court sentencing him to 3-years and 3-months in prison.

His barrister claimed he was “overwhelming remorseful”, and that drink “had a dramatic effect on him,” it’s clear this thug is a brut who loves nothing more than violence. Recorder Andrew Nuttall called the bingo attacks “incomprehensible“, adding: “These were two acts of appalling violence.” In relation to the 2016 attacks on Callum Mars, Stilgoe admitted causing grievous bodily harm to a man, but his role was a limited one.

In 2016, Neil Johnston then 43 and Stilgoe then 30, initially denied the attack on Callum Mars had anything to do with them, but it soon became clear it had everything to do with them. Mr Mars was attacked from behind, put in a headlock while the pair took turns kicking him in the face. It’s estimated he was kicked and punched 20 times before being able to free himself from their grip. A metal pole was then used by both men to stop Mars getting away.

Mars’ injuries included multiple facial fractures, a broken nose and a bleed on the brain. Cross-examination was used to determine whether Mars played any part in the attack, however, any force that was used was by him was purely in self-defence, he said: “I didn’t do any attacking. He has left me for dead.”

Source: “Kenneth Stilgoe Jailed for Carlisle Bingo Hall Attack”. BBC NewsCumbria. October 6, 2020.

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