The Only Time Online Bingo in NYC will be a Drag!

Now that 2021 is here, are we all feeling refreshed and looking forward to what the year brings? Nah, not likely, what with government officials taking to the stage almost every night to deliver anything but ‘good news’. But there is some light at the end of the tunnel – 2022 is only 11-months away!

If I could sum up 2020 in one word it would be ‘Zoom’ – almost everyone was doing zoom calls; from home-schooling to daily work, gym classes with Joe Wicks to virtual gatherings with family, hell, we even had zoom bingo calls with royals and dementia dogs which was fun, especially when one of the women told the Duchess of Cambridge she did a terrible job at calling the numbers, only her words were far more colourful than mine!

So where am I going with this? Bingo– we’ve all played it, and we all love it, but for residents of NYC, their bingo sessions are about to get whackier, all thanks to Linda – a fun-loving drag queen! Forget the usual bingo experience where you sit back and let the computer do the hard work for you – Linda Loves Bingo is online bingo with sass, class and plenty of laughs and you’re invited to join in with the next session.

Huge Con-Drag-Ulations for 2021?

Linda Simpson is the host of these spectacular events only, before everything that is going on in the world, her stage was various spots across Manhattan. Hundreds of adults flocked to her events to witness her in action and she’s even been featured in top publications such as The New York Times and Time Out Magazine. Weekly shows and private events are her speciality, all of which cover the topic of bingo, only it’s a lot more fun that you’d imagine!

An up-beat, action-packed bingo gameshow used to feature contestants being invited onto the stage to win various prizes (coin is not an option!), but camp prizes such as blow-up unicorns and giant inflatable dolls! Styled on 75-ball bingo where you have B-I-N-G-O at the top of your card, the show features a giant ticket and a manual ball machine – bingo balls darling, pay attention!

US Bingo players can join Linda in her next event on January 9th for just $10 – this price covers online admission and a bingo ticket that will cover you for five games of bingo. Want to know just how fun these sessions are? You should take a look at her Facebook page where she regularly engages in chat with her many fans.

Who’d have thought a chartered cruise through the Caribbean and the Med in 2018 would kick-started Linda’s career, but it did. The crowds grew larger each evening she took to the stage with a packed cruise of partygoers fighting over the prizes while laughing their heads off! And you can get a taste of that too – all you need is a device (mobile or desktop), internet connection and your tickets and you’re in!

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