Two “Sexy” New Dragonfish Sites Launch

Hunky Bingo and Sexy Shoes Bingo

We have seen a lot of different site designs here at Two Little Fleas; from the pretty good, the terribly bad and the downright ugly. We were a little sceptical about the word of two new Dragonfish sites called Sexy Shoes Bingo and Hunky Bingo.

First off is Sexy Shoes Bingo and what do you think you see on the homepage? That’s right, shoes! And a nice pair to… boot. Anyway, minus the charming pair of legs and bright red pumps, the internals of the site are very much your typical Dragonfish affair. In fact, the site is not unique in any way, shape or form.

Next up is Hunky Bingo, and again, the name is true to the theme of the site. Yep, if you would rather stare at muscular chaps than play bingo, well this site is certainly for you. Samantha, the cartoony mascot, has personally chosen these hunks for your enjoyment and you can get one of these charming chaps in your inbox every day. If you’re considered a “Hunky Virgin”, then you can play in a newbie room which offers some no lose bingo fun.

Screenshot of Hunky Bingo home page

Good looks, no substance at Hunky Bingo

So, do these strapping young bingo sites offer anything new? Nope, it’s just another skin on top of Dragonfish software. We can’t help but feel that the designers got a bit lax with Sexy Shoes Bingo, minus the home image, there is nothing unique on any following pages – and the lobby is exactly the same as other Dragonfish sites.

Hunky Bingo, on the other hand, has a bit more appeal in terms of looks (and we ain’t talking about the hunks!). But the site is riddled with obvious typos, maybe the hunks are distracting players from the mistakes? We can’t help wonder who would play on this site as it is bordering on sexism. Hey, maybe the next site will be called Sexy Ladies bingo to pull in the males!

We have to say, compared to sites like Giant Bingo and Dino Bingo, these are rather unimpressive affairs. At least the two aforementioned sites have unique lobbies, unique game rooms and some unique incentives.

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