Bet365 Bingo to Play Matchmaker Matchmaker this Valentine’s Day with Additional Prizes

Fall head over heels with extra cash this Valentine’s with Bet365 Bingo’s matchmaker promotion. The rules are simple – but before all that, let’s take a look at what else is happening over at the vibrant online bingo site this month.

If you’re a fan of flicking through Facebook whilst playing bingo or watching TV, you may have come across a post (or three) about the ‘walk of fame.’ This is your opportunity to win a share of £1K every Wednesday and Friday in February, for just 5p a ticket…

Eleven fantastic games will commence from 9pm on both Wednesday and Friday this month and to win a share, simply make your way to the exclusive walk of fame bingo room. The final game of the night will be a special ticket flyer game – the one ticket, one full house game to win £50 on Wednesdays and £100 on Fridays.

Bet365 Bingo on Facebook reveal all their promotions there first, so don’t forget to give them a follow. Over the course of the promotion, Bet365 will be rolling out the red carpet with additional features too…

…There are many ways to win but knowing how to win is key. You’ll find roll-ons where prizes are awarded via more than just the usual one-line, two-lines and full house and then there 1TG’s where losing doesn’t feel so bad after all.

All loved-Up:

To get you in the mood for the ‘big night,’ why not have a go at making your own dessert? BBCGoodFood has the perfect recipe for those of us with a sweet tooth; chocolate and almond puds with boozy hot chocolate sauce. Not only are they absolutely tasty, but you can make them ahead of time and still present them as ‘just made.’

No time to cook? Now’s not the time to panic! Make your way to M&S where you’ll find a decadent selection of desserts – nobody will know, and I certainly won’t drop you in it. The Gastropub sticky toffee pudding is totally drool-icious!

Give Me More!

There are a few things in life we all want more of; more chocolate (or am I just greedy?), more time and more money – a hell of a lot more money. Bet365 Bingo are not a bottomless pit when it comes to prize winnings, but. What they do have is additional pots of little extras that could really come in handy…

Unlock the code and enjoy the cash! It’s a simple promo to take part in. Play bingo and match the code numbers of 14, 2, 20 and 6 from February 10th until the 16th, to win up to £20 in real money prizes.

Opt-in – this is important. Call house on any bingo win on one of those four numbers; 14, 2, 20 or 6 and receive £5 in cash for every code number you unlock. Win on all four numbers to win an additional £20. It may not be much, but £20 can buy you a lot more bingo tickets and even produce life-changing wins via the progressive slots…

…Talking of which, Mega Moolah is more than £7m now! Will the mighty lion roar for thee?

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