Bucky Bingo Unveil Multiple New Cash-Packed Promos!

Hey Fleas, hope you’re having a cracking and very lucky September so far! I managed to win £350 the other night so I’m happy! I’ve seen a lot of things in my line of work, some I love – zero wagering requirements and swift withdrawals, and some things I don’t like – hefty wagering requirements and infuriatingly slow withdrawals, but do you know what really gets up my nose above all? Online bingo promotions that remain hidden! Like why hide them?

It would be like a restaurant hiding its menu; you don’t know what you can buy until you book a table and sit down to eat. How do you know you’re going to like what you see? If eateries operated on this policy, they’d soon go out of business. So why do online bingo sites do it? If I can’t see any promotions, it instantly puts me off. Showing potential customers what they can be a part of is only going to improve visitor numbers, and I’m here to tell you that one bingo brand is (finally) listening to the community by putting all its promotions, freebies, and specials on show!

I Could-Neigh Believe It!

For years I have been nipping in and out of Bucky Bingo and all I get is an empty promo page with a welcome offer. Now and again, they add to that by offering a spins deal on a subsequent deposit, but not even this was enough to attract me. Fewer promotions mean fewer players and that has a huge impact on prize money. But no more! Bucky have introduced a new vibrant, jam-packed promotions page with specials ranging from daily jackpots to happy hour specials, late night cash winning opportunities with fewer players to even more play for free games!

The new bingo itinerary is as follows:

  • New Welcome Offer: Deposit £10, receive a bingo bonus of £30 plus 100 bonus spins! Bingo bonuses now come with just a 4x wagering requirement!
  • Invite a Friend: Receive a bingo bonus for every friend you refer who goes on to claim the welcome offer.
  • Mystery Jackpots: A treasure chest with cash ranging from £10 to £500 can be won for just 10p a ticket! Buy your tickets and wait until the timer reaches zero to discover how much cash is hidden in that chest!
  • Free Bingo Games: Win up to £315 between 7am and 10pm, £70 between 8am and 10pm, £240 between 10:30am and 10pm, £50 at 8:45pm, £250 at 9pm on a Sunday and £1K at 10:30pm every Monday, absolutely free!
  • Daily Jackpot Games: Bingo jackpots prizes must be won and it’s all real cash! Thursday’s offer £1K with no wagering.
  • The Big £10K: There’s a £10,000 guaranteed jackpot up for grabs on the 10th of every month 8pm! Everyone has the same chance to win and £5K will be shared between all losing ticketholders.

And much more! Will you be impressed by the new promotions at Bucky Bingo? There’s only one way to find out!

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