Call House with 888 Ladies Bingo to Win a Mystery Jackpot

There’s certainly nothing better than winning a full house at bingo, but what if we told you that you can win extra cash on top of your full house? Sounds like a dream, but it’s a reality at 888 Ladies Bingo

Surprise mystery jackpots will keep you on the edge of your seat from morning until night. Head to the Mystery Jackpot room – it’s online bingo with a twist. Unlike the other bingo rooms available to play in at 888 Ladies, this room features the mystery jackpot, which could award anything from £10 to £500!

Mystery Jackpots Explained:

Mystery jackpots are different to the regular jackpots you see throughout 888 Ladies as they only reveal the prize 10 seconds before the game starts! This adds an element of excitement to each game. Once the jackpot has been announced, players will not be able to purchase tickets for that game…

…So, if you want to be in it to win it, you’ll need to get your tickets early!

There’s plenty of chance to win a mystery jackpot, because these games are available to play daily! Games play between 9am and 1pm and then again between 4pm and 11pm. Tickets cost just 5p in the morning games and 10p in the evening games…

…Mystery jackpot bingo specials are 75 ball bingo games.

Big daily Jackpots:

Everyone loves jackpots and members of this fun-filled bingo site can play to win big cash every day – and not just in the mystery jackpot promo…

…You can win big every night – very big! There’s up to £18,000 to be won each month which offers up the following games and cash;

Marvellous Monday

  • Game Plays: 9.30pm every Monday
  • Prizes: Fixed £600 jackpot – Every line wins £120
  • Ticket Price: 5p

Tremendous Tuesday

  • Game Plays: 9pm every Tuesday
  • Prizes: Fixed £1,500 jackpot – Full house: £750, 2 lines: £500, 1 line: £250
  • Ticket Price: 25p

Wonderful Wednesday

  • Game Plays: 9pm every Wednesday
  • Prizes: Fixed £500 jackpot – Full house: £250, 1TG: £150, 2TG: £100
  • Ticket Price: 50p

Thursday’s Thousand

  • Game Plays: 9.30pm every Thursday
  • Prizes: Fixed £1,000 jackpot – Full House wins all
  • Ticket Price: 25p

Frilly Friday

  • Game Plays: 9pm every Friday
  • Prizes: Fixed £2,000 jackpot – Full house: £1,400, 1TG split: £600
  • Ticket Price: 50p

Saturday Superstar

  • Game Plays: 10pm every Saturday
  • Prizes: Fixed £3,000 jackpot – Full house: £1,500, 2 lines: £850, 1 line: £650
  • Ticket Price: 50p

Sunday £10,000!

  • Game Plays: 10pm every Sunday
  • Prizes: Sliding £10,000 jackpot – Min £2,000 Guaranteed
  • Ticket Price: 50p

Don’t forget to read the T&Cs before taking part!

Regardless of the promotion, jackpot or bingo room – players can log in, deposit and play on desktop or mobile devices …

Don’t forget us if you win big!

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