Cashmio Hosts Champions Slots Tournament

Playing online slots was drastically changed the day that UK licensed and regulated portal, Cashmio opened its virtual doors to the online slots community (in 2015) – this is thanks to daily slots tourneys, where players are guaranteed more for their money…

…okay, not everyone can win, but for those looking to have some fun can do so with the added incentive of being able to win more; whether that be extra bonuses, casino spins or cash – Cashmio has it all.

To get your name on that leader board, you enroll in the slots tournament listed within the promotions page (once logged in) and accumulate points

…but how do you collect points? There are three ways to do so:

  • Spin and win: Each win from a single spin will be counted one time towards the leader board. Simply put; every single win will award 1 point.
  • Consecutive win: This one awards 5 points when you (or if you) manage to win three times in a row.
  • Big win: Trigger a big win and receive 25 points to your total. A big win is classified as a win of at least 10x the value of your bet – so those playing £1 stakes would need to hit a £10 win for this status to be applied.

Other rules include;

  • In order for a point to get counted towards the leader board, the spin must be the same or above the minimum bet requirement of 20p and on any of the selected game related to the promotion.
  • If there is a tie on any of the positions, Cashmio owns the sole right to decide how the prizes will be divided.

Prizes will change with each tournament taking place, while the same goes for featured games.

If that’s got you all hot under the collar, then wait until you read about the missions!

Daily Missions:

Complete the missions listed under your account to claim extra rewards! It really is as simple as that! Starting a mission is super easy; head to the mission card sitting beneath the ‘missions’ list and it will flip over. On the reverse you just need to press the play now button and your mission is activated and ready to go…

…but what if you need to take a break or make a cuppa? Fear not! You can take a breather at any time as all progress will be saved until you open the game again…


Players can keep a track of their progress at any point, by heading to the mission’s section, but if you’re playing a game, you can also see your progress by the meter sitting in the bottom right corner of your screen. You can also track your mission progress on the mission cards found under ‘My Casino’ and ‘See All Missions.’

Each day you will have three missions ready to be completed – although you don’t have to take part if you don’t want to. If you have completed all three missions during a day you will receive three new ones the next day. All progress will be saved until you complete the mission. The only ones that will be swapped are those you have completed.

There are three types of missions and knowing how to complete them before playing is an advantage, so here they are:

  • Spin Mission: Simply spin as many times as the mission card states, remember the minimum bet level must be the same or higher than the mission cards states for it to be counted.
  • Spin and Win Mission: During these missions you need to spin, and the outcome must be a win – any win will do, and you will move one step on the progress bar for each win achieved.
  • Big Win Mission: Get that big win you always dreamed about and get double awarded. All you have to do is chase those big wins and the mission will be completed. Big win amount will be stated for each mission.

The missions and the slots tournaments are available to all depositing players on desktop and mobile, every day of the week – so there’s plenty of chances to see your name in lights. Good luck!

Terms and conditions apply.

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