Drop Anchor to Hook Big Wins in New Cashmo No Deposit Title

Legend has it, the ocean is home to some great big creatures. Apparently, the largest sea creature is believed to be a kraken, a common ocean-dwelling monster who finds himself the star of many a movie, what with being the length of 10 huge ships! The ocean isn’t only home to hungry monsters, it’s home to some of the largest burial grounds anywhere on earth, with some estimations suggesting there are as many as 3-million shipwrecks on the ocean bed and with shipwrecks comes treasure!

If you were to believe the stories you read or the movies you watch, pirates head off out into the vast oceans in search of hidden riches, but never do you see them anchor down and scour the ocean floor. Each pirate story has a treasure map – a map indicating a specific section of dry land in which the treasure is buried. But Cashmo are going where no man has gone before – the ocean floor!

Aim to Net a Fortune:

Anchors Away is the latest thriller from Cashmo delivering a tidal wave of fun for both low stakes and high roller players. This simple to play game needs no anchor-management, just an account and a device in which to play it on. Looking to play for free? It’s no surprise, because a freebie is something we’re all after – and you can get it here with guaranteed no deposit bonus spins!

As many as 30 bonus spins are waiting to leap into you bankroll; simply log in (or register for more free offers!) and spin that wheel! There may be an option to lose, but that grants another spin. And talking of free games, there’s even more to be had on the reels of Anchors Away! Spin in that treasure chest symbol and a re-spin is granted. You’ll get another re-spin for every new symbol you spin in as you aim to unlock up to 30 additional free games!

A duo of tankards crash together in celebration…

…but will you be left celebrating beneath the Jolly Roger? A five-of-a-kind of tankards is needed to trigger the progressive jackpot (of which stands at more than £90K!). Dazzling wins come from dazzling gemstones, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. The pirate captain and his crew aim to delight and excite with random bursts of fun, especially given that they’re wild symbols! Any wilds appearing during your free games that do not take part in a win, will become anchored in place until they do form a win.

There are 243 ways to win in each spin and spins can set in motion from just 20p. You may want to stay clear of those wild symbols though – any wild appearing as part of the jackpot win line, will only award a maximum of 150x! And that’s exactly what I got! A jackpot symbol fell on reels 1, 2, 4 and 5 with a pirate wild on reel 3 – that’s a five-of-a-kind for me, but nope, I didn’t get that £90,000+ jackpot, I got just £6 (based on an 80p stake). So near, yet so far! I did manage to turn my 18 no deposit bonus spins into a healthy sum of £63.65p though! 

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