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New month means a new game of the month from Mr Spin and this time he’s turning up the thrills with a dark Egyptian adventure! Legend has it that should a pharaoh be removed from his tomb after death, a plague will descend on those who uncovered him and whether you believe it or not, there have been some pretty terrifying instances of this happening in real-life!

A total of 22 archaeologists who uncovered the tomb of Tutankhamun succumbed to mysterious deaths soon after and many attributes their unexpected deaths to a deadly curse. The Egyptian pharaoh known as ‘King-Tut’ of the 18th dynasty was buried alongside a clay tablet with a warning message: “Death will slay with his wings whoever disturbs the pharaoh’s peace.” I kid you not! You can watch the documentary on this (if you’re brave enough) over on Amazon Prime: Tomb of the Boy King – The Curse of Tutankhamun.

Pyramid Power:

I’m pretty sure inspiration from the deadly curse was taken into mind when Treasure Tomb was in its development stages, you only have to have one look at Anubis and the Pharaoh characters to see why! To add to the thrills, bonus spins, a pick and click bonus, wilds and a progressive jackpot have been sewn into special symbols on the reels. You just need to track them down!

Everyone and we mean everyone – whether they be new or existing Mr Spin players, will get to play this phenomenal new slot for free! As many as 40 spins will be credited on the house to offer a free insight into all it’s possible riches. Log in, play the mini-instant win on your screen and head to the latest title to witness the frightfully good game in action.

Three or more green scarab beetles trigger the free games where more spins can be won on any spin. The mini bonus game is fun and is awarded on the presence of 1 to 5 trinkets. The more trinkets, the higher up the pyramid of prizes you’ll reach.

  • One trinket awards a pick from 5 pots of up to 150x.
  • Two trinkets award a pick from 4 pots of up to 250x.
  • Three trinkets award a pick from 3 pots of up to 500x.
  • Four trinkets award a pick from 2 pots of up to 2,000x.
  • Five trinkets awards an instant prize of 2,500x!

Rate or Hate?

Sometimes we get a nudge when it comes to upcoming releases, but sometimes we don’t, and it was a surprise to see this one coming. Usually, In Touch Games, the folks behind the popular Mr Spin gaming destination, keep things light-hearted, jolly and cheerful, but Treasure Tomb is the complete opposite and, in many ways, it’s terrifying! The graphics and soundtrack work well together and deliver spine-tingling action in each spin.

More thrills come with not knowing when the pharaoh could appear to drop his entire fortune into your bankroll and it’s a pharaoh-ld fortune already at more than £247K! Any one of those 15 locked win lines could become home to a five-of-a-kind of jackpot paying symbols and you don’t need to bet big in order to win big either making it a steal of a title!

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