Great-Grandmother of 10 Wins £50K Full House!

Unexpected Bingo Boost for Lucky Great-Gran

Carol Fulcher, a great-grandmother to 10, is used to a full house, only she never in a million years expected a full house of a different kind – the mega money kind! In September, the lucky lady beat off competition within her bingo venue to call “full house” for a life-changing sum of money! The 75-year-old from Suffolk scooped the top prize of £50K when playing bingo with her husband of 55-years, Joe, at their local Palace Bingo venue on September 6th.

Mother of four, grandmother of fifteen and great-grandmother of ten, Carol was absolutely ecstatic with her win, as would any of us be, “It was unbelievable. I was in a state of shock: simply gobsmacked,” she said. Having retired in 1990, the married couple have been enjoying a game of bingo together for most weeks. “We like going to bingo. It’s nice to get out of the house, a lovely way to make friends and it’s clean and safe,” said Carol. “Also, we are well looked after at The Palace by the staff there. We know lots of the regulars and the food is good too.”

This is How She Did It:

As with all bingo venues, The Palace Bingo hall in Suffolk where Carol won the £50K prize, hosted a special winners party on the 28th of last month where players got to toast the winner, take part in special fun games and got to enjoy treats and nibbles on the house for free. How did she win? By calling full house in 16 numbers or less on the popular National Bingo Game! Hundreds of clubs up and down the UK take part in an afternoon and evening 50-ball bingo game where three additional prizes can be won alongside the in-club full house prize.

Tickets come as a package whether you play on an electronic bingo board (similar to a video bingo game) or paper, where a strip of two will cost just £1 or five will cost £2. There are no line or two-line prizes in this game just a straight full house. The in-house prize money is guaranteed with the following offered should you happen to call house within a set number of calls:

  • Win £100 extra in 24 numbers or less
  • Win £1K extra in 20 numbers of less
  • Win £50K in 16 numbers or less.

Remember, this is a 50-ball bingo game….

…this means there are just 10 numbers on each ticket instead of the usual 15 with traditional 90-ball bingo games. Did bingo superstitions bring Carol the much-needed luck to win? We’re not sure but what we do know is she tries to sit in the same seat each visit!

Patrick Duffy, Managing Director of The Palaces said, “We love seeing people win and are delighted that Carol has won such huge cash prize on the National Bingo Game – I am sure there will be treats in store for the family. It was a pleasure to see everyone at the club joining in Tuesday’s celebration – we love to celebrate.”

Alastair Stewart, Head of Commercial Operations at the National Bingo Game added: “We are thrilled for our lucky National Bingo Game £50,000 Jackpot winner at The Palaces Felixstowe. I am sure when the shock passes that Carol and Joe will enjoy treating the family and spoiling the grandchildren.”

Source: “Lucky Felixstowe Great-Grandmother, Carol Fulcher, Takes Top Prize Playing the National Bingo Game at The Palace Bingo and Wins a Life Changing £50,000 Jackpot”. Suffolk News. October 4, 2021.

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