Here’s How to Win £50K on Top of Your Winnings at Your Local Mecca Bingo

I’m an avid bingo player both online and at land-based venues but if you were to ask which I prefer, I couldn’t give you a straight answer. There are pros and cons with both; I can get out and socialize but playing online means I can sit in my pj’s whilst looking like a scuff. Winning big is what we all dream of but the big cash only tends to come with linkups…

…and this reduces your chances of winning, but unlike online bingo games, playing bingo at Mecca for big cash offers some sort of consolation prize of which I’m about to explain.

I’m All Ears:

Take Tombola for instance, when bingo rooms link up for bigger cash, there are more players. Bingo 90 sees each room amalgamate for the one game and this allows them to award a much larger prize and this could go to any player from any of the rooms – you are not guaranteed to have a winner in your room, but you are with Mecca Bingo.

The National Bingo Game is a jackpot link game where participating clubs around the UK pool together each afternoon and evening for big cash, but, at the end of the day, you’re guaranteed to have a winner in your club! Yes, that’s right! Even if nobody wins the big jackpot, a winner from each club will win a generous prize and it’s usually into the hundreds (even on a quiet night)

Here’s how it works. When you buy your bingo tickets, whether that be paper tickets on electronic tickets, you’ll be asked whether you want a National Bingo Game ticket; an additional cost of £1 for two tickets or £2 for 5 tickets. Each game is a 50-ball type of bingo game with no line, no two-lines just a full house.

There are prizes in club and jackpot prizes on every game but how easy is it to win at bingo? Okay, so if you call house in your club on 25 calls or more, you win the stated prize in your club, but if you call in less than 24 calls, you win an additional £100. Bingo calls of 20 or less win an additional £1000 but call house in 16 calls or less and you win an extra £50,000 in cash – it’s lifechanging!

Keep your eyes peeled for National Live too, the bingo game which has paid out more than £22,700,000 since launching back in 2014. This game is available to play up to 4 times a day; twice in the morning and twice in the evening and the amount you can win is as much as £25,000!

A list of participating Mecca Bingo clubs can be found through the bingo site. Why not visit on Sunday 1st December? Three Vauxhall 4×4 cars will be won when the 77 bingo clubs across the UK join up to host a special one-off seasonal prize draw!

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