Mean and Mighty Cash Prizes Await at Mirror Bingo

£200K Olympic Games Bingo Prize Draw:

One of the newest online bingo sites to launch on the popular Virtue Fusion software is Mirror Bingo, which is brought to you by the people behind the popular British daily tabloid newspaper of the same name – The Mirror…

…Fancy hitting the headlines? Well, there’s probably no chance of that but there is a real chance of you hitting a tasty win, when you take part in the special Age of the Gods themed Bingo promotion at Mirror Bingo.

Heavenly Prizes up for Grabs:

Unbelievable mighty God’s of Olympus have added a staggering £200,000 to the Age of the Gods Bingo room and this means that there are daily prize pots of as much as £13,750 up for grabs, plus bingo games with payouts of up to £1,250 in cash per game

…So, how do you take part? This is simple;

  • Play every day on selected games in the Age of the Gods bingo room between Friday 26th October and Saturday 10th November.
  • Play games Sunday and Thursday from 3:58pm and 11:30pm.
  • Play games Friday and Saturday from 3pm and 11:30pm.
  • Tickets cost between 10p and 25p.

Look out for the following games to play:

  • Apollo’s Light
  • Dionysus Revelry
  • Peloponnese Doris
  • Pluto’s Wealth
  • Hermes Wish
  • Atlas’ Heavenly Drop
  • Zeus’ Big Coffer
  • Tickets to Olympus

Prize Payouts Per Game Friday and Saturdays:

Game Time / Total Prize Amount:

15.01 /£250; 15.30 /£500; 16.03 /£750; 16.30 /£500; 17.03/ £750; 17.31/ £1,000; 18.04/ £750; 18.31/ £1,000; 18.59/ £750; 19.32 /£1,000; 20.00/ £1,250; 20.32/ £1,000; 21.00/ £500; 21.33/ £1,000; 22.00/ £500; 22.28 /£1,000; 23.01/ £750; 23.28/ £500

Prize Payouts Per Game Sunday to Thursday:

Game Time: / Total Prize Amount:

15.58/ £250; 16.31 /£500; 16.58 /£500; 17.31/ £750; 17.59/ £500; 18.32/ £750; 18.59/ £1,000; 19.32/ £750; 20.00/ £1,000; 20.33/ £1,000; 21.00/ £750; 21.33/ £1,000; 22.00/ £750; 22.28/ £1,000; 23.01/ £750; 23.28/ £500

What is Age of the Gods Bingo?:

Age of the God Bingo is based upon the award-winning, Playtech powered, progressive jackpot slot franchise, which means vivid gameplay and plenty of entertaining action. This 90-ball bingo variant can be enjoyed on desktop and mobile and is a little different to what you’re probably used to, but it still involves playing for a single line, two lines and a full house. The lucky bingo player who bags that full house, will then go on to play an additional bonus game (similar to Deal or No Deal Bingo), where they can be rewarded with additional cash prizes – but the bonus game also offers the chance of sharing the prize with all the roomies, making it a win-win situation…

…You have until the 10th of November to take part in this fun-filled and potentially rewarding promotion, so head to Mirror Bingo today to get stuck in!

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