Not One but Two Jackpot Wins in a Day for Lucky Powerball Player

Do you know what the chances are of winning the Powerball jackpot? I didn’t either until I checked – it’s 1:292,201,388.00, crazy odds but many have and continue to defy those odds to pick up alife-changing sum of money. ‘Joe B’ (as he’s known to his friends) from Colorado, defied those same odds to win not once – but twice in one day!

Can you imagine that? Picking up two prizes of $1,000,000! The odds on that must be insane! After three decades of playing the same numbers, the Pueblo resident finally won big last month.

Feeling lucky, Joe B choose his on numbers and a couple more quick picks (lucky dips). He bought a few Powerball plays in the morning at 7-Eleven on 926 Lake Ave, then stopped and bought a few more plays in the evening at Loaf N’ Jug on 2050 Lake Ave.

Now, where he bought the tickets doesn’t really matter to him, but it does to the individual vendors. Here’s why: each winning ticket produced (over $100K in US Dollars) generates an instant bonus for the premises in which it was purchased. But how much? A winning ticket worth $100K or more generates a $500 bonus, a winning ticket worth between $500,001 and $1m generates a $5K bonus and a winning ticket worth more than $1,000,001 means the retailer pockets a $10K exclusive bonus.

When asked what he and his wife plan on doing with his winnings, he said “The boss (his wife) has plans for it!” I bet you’re curious to know whether this has happened before – two wins on the same day and I’m happy to tell you that yes it has!

Play to Win:

Buying two tickets with the same numbers is deliberate, but can you imagine buying two tickets accidentally and then realising both are winners? No neither can I but earlier this year, a man from Delaware accidentally bought the same set of Powerball numbers and landed a win of $100K (before taxes)!

In 2012, a woman from Virginia also mistakenly purchased a duplicate ticket only unlike the Delaware winner, she won two $1,000,000 prizes! It’s relatively rare to win two big jackpots per drawing, but it’s quite common to hit multiple wins when matching a fewer set of numbers.

Powerball boasts a 9-tier prize system where cash can be won from matching only the red ball to all five main balls drawn (white balls) and the red ball. Running alongside the usual play options is something called ‘Power Play’ and this comes in 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 10x options.

Say you play a set of numbers for $2 and want to apply the 10x ‘Power Play,’ this ticket will set you back $20, however, should you win, your prize will be multiplied by 10!

The winning numbers for May 9th drawing for $68 million ($55.6m cash option) were: 12 – 18 – 42 – 48 – 65 and Powerball 19. Powerplay was 5x.

Source: “A Man hit the Powerball Jackpot Twice in the Same Day After Playing the Exact Same Numbers for 30 Years”. CNN. April 29, 2020.

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