Play Car Park Poker and win £5,000 at Virgin Bingo!

There’s something very unusual going on at Virgin Bingo right now. Car Park Poker is a fun new game taking place at Virgin, but it’s more of an event than a promotion. The whole thing will take place through Facebook, using live streaming.

Starting at 12.30pm on Thursday the 28th of September, players at Virgin can tune in and watch the game until around 2pm. Just like it sounds, a car park will be used to recreate poker, using giant cards! As the cars move around the car park, poker hands will start to line up. Players screenshot the best hand they can see and add the hashtag #CarParkPoker.

The site’s latest promo video explains all- their cheeky vampire mascot Vlad has a new job in a car park, that keeps him nice and busy and away from that harmful UV. However, he soon got bored and devised this new game. Watch closely as the cars move from space to space, lining up different poker hands.

It may be worth familiarising yourself with the hands and their values before the game, from the basic pair to the royal flush. There’s a £5,000 prize for the winner! It seems the best hands will go into a draw. There are also 30 vouchers worth £100 up for grabs as part of quiz questions during the event, all very nice for a free promo.

This should be lots of fun and you’ll even see smaller competitions popping up on the Virgin Facebook page in the run-up to the day. For some poker practise, Virgin Games offers daily 1p tournaments. Good luck and eyes peeled.

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