Rosy Bingo Giving Away Four Cars this Holiday Season

Rosy Bingo is known for thrilling promotions, but not as thrilling as the one they’re currently hosting! The current promo running is jaw-dropping and will see four players walk away (drive away) with a brand spanking new motor…

…New cars are wonderful – you can’t beat the smell of the interior or the looks you get from the neighbours when you pull up in a car better than theirs! This month, Rosy is making the dreams of four players come true, with a choice of either a Hyundai i20 or a Volkswagen Up…

…There’s nothing difficult about taking part in this bingo special, the only difficult thing you will face is the choice of car should you win.

How to Take Part:

‘Play to Win a Car’ games will be hosted in the 90 ball Broadway Bingo room throughout this month and a car can be won on any of these games at any time! And to win, you need to call house within the stated ball count – if you can’t manage this, then you’ll win the full house cash prize displayed.

The good news is that the ball count will keep increasing throughout each of the four events until a car is won – this means the cars are guaranteed to be won…


The final games in each event will play on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 31st of December between 7pm and 8pm and if the car hasn’t been won before these dates, it is guaranteed to be won then!

Full T&Cs apply.

The Four Events:

  • ·Event One: 1st of December to 8th of December
  • Event Two: 9th of December to 15th of December
  • Event Three: 16th of December to 22nd of December
  • Event Four: 23rd to 31st of December

There’s no set time to win a car as the special games are played throughout the day.

The Cars in Detail:

Hyundai i20 is considered to be a supermini with many features and a grown-up design. Featuring as spacious design on both 3 and 5 door models, it comes with a 5-year unlimited warranty, Hyundai roadside assistance and 5 annual vehicle health checks. If that’s not enough, intelligent safety systems, touch screen navigation and live services, parking sensors and panoramic roof may tempt you.

Volkswagen Up is already known as one of the best city cars on the market and has improved thanks to a facelift and new engine. This model won the coveted City Car of the Year in the 2018 Which Car Awards. Being a small hatchback means a slightly smaller interior than the Hyundai i20, but it boasts impressive performance and comes with a maximum mpg of up to 67.3 – making it a popular choice amongst those looking to save extra cash on running costs.

If you don’t fancy a new motor, you can still take part to win a £10,000 alternative cash prize

…We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you!

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