The National Bingo Game Mecca ‘Nother £50,000 Winner Only This Time a Newbie Scoops It

Can you remember your first-time playing bingo? I can’t, but I bet one lucky devil from Birmingham will after scooping a massive £50,000 on the National Bingo Game. The anonymous caller couldn’t believe their luck when they managed to call house on the linked bingo game.

Speaking to a local media outlet, the winner revealed that they didn’t really understand what was going on or how much they’d won, only that they called on a full house. When the staff verified his/her claim the bingo hall erupted with applause, but the winner was still unaware of their windfall, until the caller announced the grand sum of £50,000 was won on top of the in-club full house prize.

Feeling Top of the Shop:

Commenting on their win, the anonymous player said: “I genuinely can’t believe it! I was on my own and have only been playing for four days so didn’t quite realise what I’d won.”

Matt Sutton, general manager at Mecca Bingo Oldbury, said: “It was great to see such a new member of our club step up and receive their cheque. I still don’t think it has sunk in. To witness someone who has only played a few games win a £50k jackpot was really special – the whole club was delighted, and it really added to the atmosphere of the afternoon.”

Alastair Stewart, business development manager at the National Bingo Game added: “We are thrilled for our lucky National Bingo Game £50,000 Jackpot winner at Mecca Oldbury and hope that they enjoy their winnings. It just goes to show that you can win big at bingo.”

Daubing Success:

The National Bingo Game is a game which is linked between many different clubs up and down the country; from Club3000 to Buzz Bingo, Castle Bingo to Shipleys and as much as £50,000 can be won in each game and with games playing every afternoon and evening, there’s plenty of chances to win. This special 50-ball bingo game carries no line prize just the full house and on each ticket there will be a total of 10 numbers – mark them all off before anyone else to win.

The prize tier is as follows:

  • Call in 24 numbers or less to win £100 on top of the in-club full house prize
  • Call in 20 numbers or less to win £1000 on top of the in-club full house prize
  • Call in 16 numbers or less to win £50,000 on top of the in-club full house prize

Even if you don’t manage to win in the stated ball count but still call house in your club, you will win the club’s stated amount. Tickets cost £1 for two or £2 for five.

Recently, there have been many winners of the £50,000; Kylie a 30-year old mum of two from Kidderminster who now has a wedding to plan, Sandra from Whitehaven who plans to share her fortune with her family and two local charities she supports and a winner from Stockton who became the fourth £50,000 winner at the same club in Stockton in just 12-months.

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