Valentine’s Party at Bid Bingo to Win Prizes and Amazon Vouchers

Make a note in your diary for the 14th of February because Valentine’s Day, itself, isn’t the only thing you’ll need to remember; Bid Bingo is hosting 4-hours of fun-filled bingo games where you can win loyalty points, amazing prizes and Amazon vouchers! If you’ve no plans for the most romantic night of the year, you could take part in exciting bingo games every 6 minutes from 7pm until 11pm. The Royal Room (90-ball bingo) is bursting with love this Valentine’s Day…

…so, don’t miss out on 4 hours of lovey dovey bingo fun and let Bid reward you with amazing prizes. Not only that, but the chat hosts will play some exciting chat games where a minimum of 1,000 loyalty points will be awarded each time.

Bingo Menu:

Here is the list of mouth-watering delicacies and how to win:

7pm until 8pm – Lovely Hug:

Use your ‘Lovely’ number (1-90) for this chat game. When your ‘Lovely number’ plus the ‘ Hug number’ (the number that follows your lovely number in sequence; example: Lovely #22, Hug #23), are both called, you shout LOVELY HUG in chat. Players can share numbers, but only first to call wins. You must be funded with a minimum of 3 cards in the game to win the prize.

8pm until 8.30pm – Love Your Mate:

If you win on an even number, your Upper Mate will win a prize. If you win on an odd number, your Lower Mate will win. All of your mates need to be funded and have purchased a minimum of 3 cards to win the prize.

8.30pm until 9pm – Valentine’s Bingo:

When the numbers 14, 2 and 19 (the date of Valentine’s Day) have been called be the first to type ‘LOVE’ in chat and win a prize.

9pm – £25 Amazon Voucher:

The player who wins the full-house in the 10pm game will also win a £25 Amazon voucher.

9pm until 9.30pm – Valentine’s Trivia:

Half an hour of quiz fun to win 20 Royal Room bingo tickets per question.

9.30pm until 10pm – BFF:

If you win on an even number, the host will count to your mate 5 above you, and they win a prize plus you win 500 loyalty points. If you win on an odd number, the host will count to mate 5 below you, and they will win a prize and you will win 500 loyalty points.

10pm – £25 Amazon Voucher:

The player who wins the full-house in the 10pm game will also win a £25 Amazon voucher.

10pm until 10.30pm – Sing Along Love Songs:

At random, once the game begins, Red the chat host will post a line from a popular love song that has a word missing. The first player to correctly shout the missing word will win a prize.

10.30pm until 11pm – In To Win:

Give the Host a number for the letter I (19-36) and a number for the letter N (37-54). When both their numbers are called, the first players to shout ‘In to win’ including the numbers chosen, will win a prize.

All the above games abide by the same rule; to win the prize, players need to have deposited in the last 14 days. If not, the winner will receive 1,000 loyalty points instead. All promotions are available on desktop and mobile.

If you don’t understand any of the rules, hop along to chat and ask a host who will be more than happy to explain.

Full T&Cs apply for above offers…

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