We Tried Buzz Bingo’s New Session Bingo – Here’s the Verdict!

An Hour of Fun Bingo Games with Boosted Cash!

On Monday, Buzz Bingo announced there was a new way to play and win bingo with its new hour-long bingo sessions, and we couldn’t wait to give them a try. Being a fan of land-based bingo games, I knew what to expect, but there was a nice little surprise thrown in too. To celebrate the arrival of the first-ever session bingo, Buzz is guaranteeing £1K full houses at the end of each session for one-week only, and this is proving to be popular.

So, what is this new bingo concept all about? For those who are unfamiliar with how session bingo works, you pay a one-off fee and receive a package of tickets for an hour of bingo games. Another surprise is there are savings to be had too! There is one session lasting one-hour per day, with a start time of 7:30pm. Twelve games are included in the price with three prizes to be won in each game.

Ticket options are as follows:

  • £5 for 3 tickets saving £2.50p
  • £10 for 6 tickets saving £5.00
  • £15 for 9 tickets saving £7.50
  • £20 for 12 tickets saving £10.00.

Down to Details:

You have until 7:30pm to purchase your tickets as there will be no option to buy-in once the first game has started. Whether you buy 3 or 12 tickets, that same number of tickets will be credited to you for each of the 12 games. The final game – bingo game 12 guarantees to be £1K for the full house for this week only! All cash – no bonuses, so no tying you into T’s & C’s.

Opting for the top package of £20, we received our 12 tickets per game as promised. There was little under a minute wait between each round, and during this point the chat hosts were there to make it fun with quizzes and chat games, while making sure there were no heated exchanges! Despite having the max number of tickets, I rarely got to 2TG while someone with just 3 tickets managed to win a total of 4 times! Winning is down to luck though, whether you have 100 tickets or the 1.

The prize money was decent in the 11 games leading up to the boosted final full house with approximately £60 for the line, two lines and full house. 1TG/2TG and roll-on prizes were thrown in at various stages too. The chat host made it clear this was just a trial and there may be changes to come, such as more sessions through the day and better features.

We give it 10 out of 10 for creativity and fun, but we would have liked to have seen this one be an even stevens style game, as many Buzz Bingo players have commented just how expensive it is to join in. A fiver for 3 tickets is steep, considering you’ve little or next to no chance of winning compared to someone with four times that number of tickets in play, unless you’re extremely lucky that is! Manager’s specials at my local Mecca Bingo Hall are £25 for 35 tickets, here at Buzz online, they will soon be charging £30 just for 12!

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