Wish for Bargain Bingo and Win Real Cash Prizes and Gift Vouchers Every Week!

As the end of the month draws nearer, money gets a bit tight, which is why I sniff out the best bargain bingo games on the net. There is only one place where you can take part in fun-filled bingo games for as little as 1p and you’ll win more than just a bingo bonus – you can win real cash prizes and shopping vouchers, and that place is Wish.

No need to rub the dirty lamp to be afforded generous prizes, simply purchase your bingo tickets and keep your fingers crossed for a win! One of my favourite games is the Monday cash splash spectacular, where £50 in cash will be won. For 1p a ticket, you could be among the three winners walking away with a share of the prize. Make sure you’re in the game prior to kick off at 10pm to win £10 for any one-line, £15 for two lines or £25 for the full house.

Wednesdays (at 10pm) are reserved for gift days, this means you can win a physical prize of go for the cash alternative and again, tickets will set you back just 1p each. The full house will change from week to week, but the one-line and two-line prizes will award £10 and £15 in real cash with no wagering.

Every Saturday at 8pm a special 75-ball bingo game is held where the prize is a £30 Love2Shop voucher. Tickets will ever cost more than 1p each and you can choose to spend your voucher on groceries, clothes, toys or even days out – the possibilities are endless.

Daily Penny Delights:

Wish is proud to give away more than £1,500 in real cash every week in the ‘best things in life are (almost) free’ promo. Games play every hour from 2pm until midnight and in each game, £10 will be won for the full house with a prize pot of £10 shared between 1TG and 2TG players. The jackpot for each game is £20 cash and this is split as follows: full house £10, 1TG share £6 and 2TG share £4. Not bad for a penny!

Mystery surrounds the ‘let life surprise you’ games, what with tickets costing between 0p and 5p each. This bingo room won’t show the ticket price or prize for the next game until the previous game is over, making every game different. Real cash, bonus cash and loyalty points can be won every two hours between 10:15am to 6:15pm, and then again every hour up until 11:15pm.

Friday Frenzy:

Every Friday starting at 7pm, thousands of pounds in prizes will be won every hour, right up until 11pm. If you’ve made a deposit within the last week (even a deposit of £5 would count), you will get to ply the bumper 5-hour bingo session for free! The 75-ball bingo games will dish up a big chunk of the prize pool to the winner who matches the pattern before anyone else, plus there will be runners up pots shared between those waiting on 1TG and 2TG.

You don’t have to wish for bargain (and free) bingo over at Wish Bingo, it’s available every day!

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