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Immortal Romance Bingo
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Immortal Romance Bingo launched in February 2014 and is a hybrid game that blends the famous vampire-themed online slots game and with classic 90-ball bingo.

In recent times there have been many attempts to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.  Bingo Cams offers you the chance to broadcast your mug across the internet as you play, while Bingo Godz introduced a storyline that you have to follow in order to open new worlds and bingo rooms, and ultimately progress through the game.  But how will Immortal Romance Bingo compare to these other unique bingo games?

Where and When Can You Become Immortal?

Immortal Romance Bingo has been rolled out across most of the Microgaming Bingo sites, which include; Dream Bingo, Butlers Bingo, Bingo Diamond, 32Red Bingo, Dotty Bingo and Glossy Bingo, among others.  The special bingo room, is open from 7pm daily and can be accessed from the game lobby at all sites on the network.

We reviewed the new Immortal Romance Bingo game at Dream Bingo, mainly because of the great £15 welcome bonus.  However, you should be aware that you cannot play Immortal Romance Bingo at any of the Microgaming bingo sites using free no-deposit bonuses.  Before you can start your quest you must first fund your online bingo account.

Slots Meets Bingo

Immortal Romance started out life as a smash-hit feature slot game from Microgaming, which took the internet by storm following its launch in December 2011.  The Immortal Romance slots game is like no other slots game out there.  It has an in-depth storyline and recurring characters, stunning graphics, a movie-style soundtrack and much more.  So, it seemed logical to the guys and girls at Microgaming to create a bingo game that utilises the core features of the Immortal Romance slots game and add them to a brand new online bingo game.

90-Ball Bingo (Almost)

Essentially, Immortal Romance Bingo is classic 90-ball bingo but with some unique and exciting twists.  You buy tickets for the games, just as you would any other bingo games but you are restricted to buying them by the strip (six tickets), as opposed to buying them individually.  Each strip will contain special numbers, which look different to the other numbers on your tickets.  Hover over each special number to see which special game feature it offers.

Meet the Cast

Every game of Immortal Romance Bingo features one of the four characters – Amber, Michael, Sarah and Troy – who bring with them their own special extra ways to win.

Amber (Scatter Bonus): When Amber turns up in a game, all players will receive two free random daubs, which could help win a prize.  This feature is displayed with an exploding bingo ball on the screen.

Michael (Wild Desire Bonus): When this bonus is triggered, the numbers within column containing the special trigger ball become wild numbers, which increases your chance of winning.

Sarah (Wild Vine Bonus): When this special bonus number is announced before a game, the feature is available.  If the special Wild Vine bonus number is called, up to four numbers will be daubed and every player is guaranteed to receive at least one free daub.

Troy (Vampire Bats Bonus): On your strip of tickets you will have one special Vampire Bats Bonus ball.  If this number is called, you will receive up to three randomly daubed numbers for free.

These new features certainly give you something else to watch out for while you’re watching the balls getting drawn.  However, beside these extra bonus features, underneath, when you pull off the coffin lid you will find the skeleton remains of the traditional 90-ball bingo game.  This means that bingo fans will still be able to enjoy their favourite pastime, just with extra features to add to the thrills.

Jackpot Wheel

As you play and win Immortal Romance Bingo games, you will be earning extra power-ups and bonuses.  One of these bonuses – Power-Up Medallion – adds extra power to a special bonus bar.  Each of your strips of six tickets will contain a Power-Up Medallion and if your medallion number is called, your power-up bar goes up by one notch.  When the bar is full, you will trigger the Jackpot Wheel bonus round, which pays out one of the four jackpots, which range from free spins to a £1,500 top prize.

True Romance or Bad Vampire Movie?

When we first heard about Immortal Romance Bingo, we were skeptical to say the least.  There have been many failed attempts to ‘reinvent’ online bingo – some good and some bad – but in the main, these new ways to play have been short lived.  However, Immortal Romance Bingo has quite cleverly retained all of the core features of 90-ball bingo and just added new functions to the game play, which may help it to stand the test of online-bingo-time.

What do we think of Immortal Romance Bingo?  The office was divided.  Some of us like the new game play aspects; while others of us feel that the extra bonus rounds and features somehow detract from the purity and simplicity of the popular bingo variant.

Thanks to the quality Microgaming software and the reputable bingo sites that currently offer the game, we have no problems in recommending the game to you but we can’t promise that it will be your cup of tea!

Pros and Cons


– Unique Game Play

– Big Bonus Jackpots

– Extra Ways to Win


– Only available for a few hours per day

– Certain rules are overly complicated

Key Points

– 90-ball bingo variant

– Good Player Traffic for a New Game

– Four Individual Bonus Jackpots

– Played Across the Microgaming Network

– Unique Story and Game Play

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