BetSoft Teases with Unveiling of Upcoming New Slot – It’s Buzzing!

If you’re a budding (or should that be buzzing?) naturalist, you’ll already know how important a role the honeybee plays in our world. Not only do they help other plants grow by transferring pollen between the male and female parts to enable seeds and fruits to grow, they also produce one of the most delicious foodstuffs – honey!

The queen bee has the job of running her whole hive. She will lay eggs to spawn the next generation of worker bees. And, to keep the workers in line, she produces a chemical that guides their behaviour! Which is pretty impressive.

Worker bees are all female who basically clean, forage for food and keep the air circulating by beating their wings. The job of the male bee is to mate with the queen and as soon as the winter comes, the hive goes into survival mode and the males (the drones) are kicked out!

Understanding how bees operate will help in some way when it comes to laying the upcoming slot from BetSoft – The Hive. Hiding somewhere within its sunny environment with lush green grass, bold blue skies and scores of brightly coloured flowers, are random features and whopping great pays!

Scheduled for release on June 25th, the Hive is a new hexagonal grid video slot packed with special characters, and each one has their own unique twist on gameplay that will create fun-filled sessions over and over again. Any of the 30 win lines can produce big wins and not just from left to right either!

Meet the Cast:

Strangely enough, it has more than a slight resemblance to the sweet Honey Rush title by Play’n Go, although, the features are nothing alike. Any spin could see one of three bees spawn around the hive. The queen bee summons a swarm of other bees to surround the hive, improving the chances of taking home some sweet cash.

Drone bees will fill the honey meter, triggering the bonus spins feature once full. Worker bees award stacking multipliers that increases with the number of other worker bees around the hive.

As soon as the bonus spins are activated, as many as 3 honey burst spreading wilds will appear on the grid. Wilds spread from their initial resting place to adjacent honeycomb positions after every spin! The process will continue until the end of the feature.

There are 18 positions within the honey jar, so at most, 18 drone bees are needed to fill it. Keep your eyes and ears peeled because they have a habit of flying in from all angles and will continue to move clockwise with each consecutive spin.

Sometimes, the bees will tease and fly away without producing anything worthwhile, but if at least one worker bee is aligned with a winning pay line, their activity will automatically be triggered! Max win is 378x your bet, but those wilds have the ability to boost it even further during your free games.

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