Betsoft unleashes Fire and Steel for slots fans!

Sharpen your sword and prepare for war, because Fire and Steel has arrived! One of the latest slots from developers Betsoft, this high fantasy game with breathtaking imagery is rolling out to online casinos around the web.

Fans of Game of Thrones may be sad to see the series ending again for another year, but there’s somewhere else to get a dose of epic magic and armour-clad knights. Fire and Steel: War of the Wilds is the latest in Betsoft’s Slots3 collection, focusing on high quality artwork and 3D graphics.

The game’s reel setup uses a 3-4-5-4-3 diamond shape, with the central reel being taller. The whole setup is framed by the swordsman on the left and shieldmaiden on the right, drawn in stunning quality- they could have dropped straight in from a fantasy video game. When he lands on the reels, the swordsman unleashes a vertical beam of power that turns the reel wild. When the shieldmaiden appears, her magical beam fires horizontally, turning the row wild.

Our heroes are caught up in an epic storyline! Fire and Steel is a tale of two rival noble Houses fighting since the ancient High Queen was assassinated. Although she had two children, neither one was formally named as heir. The first shieldmaiden and her House gathered in the dry, mountainous western region of the country. The first Swordsman took the House that was sworn to him and settled in the stormy, swampy northern region of the nation.

But there’s more! After centuries of escalating war, everything was shaken up by the Coming of the Dragons! The powerful magic of the swordsman and maiden combine to battle this new threat. In fact, if their vertical and horizonal beams should cross on the reels, you’ll be treated to a Locked Wild, and 10 free spins to take advantage of it with.

This exciting slot is a great example of increased creativity and interactivity in slot games. Betsoft have used HTML5 to create smooth, HD animations and reduce loading times. Keep an ear open for that epic fantasy soundtrack too!

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