Bingo Games with a Difference – How Many Have You Tried?

If you thought bingo games were all about the numbered balls, think again! There are plenty of unique bingo games out there that offer so much more than one-line, two lines and a full house. Did you know there are bingo games that offer the thrill of the casino as well as slots? Games where bonus rounds can be triggered by calling a full house? Well now you do!

One of the most popular I’ve come across is Deal or No Deal (DOND) Bingo, and just like the smash-hit television gameshow, players get the chance to eliminate cash values and receive an offer from the banker. But in order to go head to head with the mysterious man behind the iconic black telephone, you must win the full house!

Whether you’re playing 90-ball or 75-ball DOND bingo games, the rules are the same; dab to win one of three or five prizes available, before getting the chance to win even more in the final banker’s bonus round. Available to play 24/7 over at Mecca Bingo, makes lifting the lid on big wins unlimited and from just 10p a ticket.

Plus, there are community jackpots (of up to £5K) running alongside these games too, and when won, 50% of the cash goes directly to the player who won the full house and the remaining 50% is shared with everyone with tickets into the game when it was triggered!

Age of the Gods (AOFTG) is another mighty powerful game at Mecca (styled on Playtech’s stunning slot title), only the full house winner gets to match golden coins in the hope of landing a truly epic prize. Again, these games offer additional winnings via a community jackpot system.

Lucky Little Devil:

Over to Buzz Bingo now for one more thrilling bingo type; Rainbow Riches Bingo. Styled identical to that of the extremely popular slot title, Rainbow Riches delivers wins via a speed-based bingo mechanic. The 40-ball bingo variant is played with two four-leaf clovers as bingo tickets with a trio ‘rainbow road’ cash pots to be won as well as a wishing well bonus!

One-line and a full house are available in every game from just 5p a ticket, but how do you get your hands on those extra cash pots? As the lucky leprechaun spins the wheel to reveal the numbers, he can also reveal multi-coloured clovers too and each one sees him travel up the road to riches.

When you reach ten steps, the bronze pot is shared between the community, 25 steps award the silver and 50 awards the gold pot of £300. And, every player has the chance to claim a £5 bingo bonus by matching their lucky number a total of 40 times.

Spin and Grin:

One of my absolute favourites to play is Bingo Roulette over at Tombola. Tickets for this one will set you back 10p, 25p and 50p – but that’s per chip not ticket (there are up to four chips per game). Styled very similar to that of the popular table game, bingo roulette features a single zero and numbers (in red and black) from 1 to 36.

Before you begin, you drag and drop or randomly place up to four chips onto the gaming area, covering numbers you hope will come out. Red, blue, green and purple are the chips and there are six of each colour. To match numbers, the ball will spin and drop into the roulette wheel – when you cover all six of any one colour, you win the stated prize!

Plus, to make things even more exciting, there are jackpot prizes to be won too! Match your chips in 10 numbers or less to win the highest-level jackpot of up to £10K or in under 12 balls or less to win the other jackpot of up to £1K (head to the Bellagio room for the biggest cash!)

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