Blocks Crash Lands at Tombola

Tombola Bingo is an award-winning bingo site with plenty of games to suit all budgets, but the games on offer are not just your typical game of bingo. Aside from the traditional 90 ball bingo, the coverall 80 ball variant and the patterned 75 ball bingo games, Tombola offers lots of exclusive games that will not be found anywhere else – thanks to Proprietary software

…Placing bets on which hamster will cross the finish line first is a popular choice here, but it’s the latest addition that seems to be ticking all the right boxes. We have been teased with news of a new mobile compatible game coming for a few months now and on Tuesday 31st July, the new game was available to be played for the very first time.

Explosive Bingo Action:

Blocks is the latest game that offers jackpots of up to £20,000 in every game. A simple game that is based on colourful blocks with numbers. There are six rooms to choose from: Island, Mountain, Ocean, City, Forest and Harbour and ticket prices are: 10p, 25p, 50p, £1 and £2. Each game offers one ‘ticket’ of 36 different numbers, per player, to give everyone the same chance of winning. Once you’ve decided on the value of your ticket, you will be asked to confirm. When complete, you will be shown two prizes: the blocks prize and the score prize…

…A total of 60 numbers are used in each game, which are displayed on blocks of: blue, green, yellow, pink, purple and orange. Numbers will be called and the first person to explode all six blocks of one colour, before anyone else – will win the prize stated!

Scoring to Win Cash:

There is a second chance of winning in every game, it may sound complicated but once you have a go, it becomes rather simple: when you match a duo or more of the same colour block in your play area (also known as a ticket), you will accumulate points: 20 points for two same-coloured blocks next to each other, 30 points for three of the same colour, 40 points for four of the same colour and so on – the person with the highest score at the end of the game, will win the ‘score prize pot’…

…To get your hands on the jackpots of up to £20,000, you not only need to win, but you need to win within the stated call count:

  • Tier 1 jackpot: your stake is multiplied by 10,000x if you win within 8 calls or less.
  • Tier 2 jackpot: your stake is multiplied by 1,000x if you win within 9 or 10 calls.

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