There can be only one Highlander slot for Microgaming fans!

“There can be only one!” is the unmistakeable catchphrase of the iconic movie Highlander, the classic fantasy movie starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery. Thanks to slot developer Microgaming, there can be only one official Highlander slot game, thanks to a licensing agreement with Studiocanal.

The 1986 film has cult status, following the adventures of immortal Scottish swordsman Connor MacLeod as he faces down other immortals- like the dreaded Kurgan- throughout time. The final battle will take place in New York City, where the slot game will also be set from the look of early promotional images. Who will win the fabled ‘prize’ by being the last immortal standing?

David Reynolds, Games Publisher at Microgaming said: “Highlander is seen as one of the great cult hits of the 80s. With its action-packed storyline and hefty rock inspired composition, it is a fantastic brand for an online slot. The game studio is busy completing the slot that captures all of the movie magic. The game’s features will incorporate the historical Scottish Highlands and gritty New York City, with a classic movie poster art style and blistering guitar tracks.”

Microgaming signed an agreement for the license with Studiocanal, brokered by Creative Licensing Corporation. The Highlander slot will go live on Wednesday 6th of December and feature 243 ways to win, but details on features have not yet been released.

Stephanie Kupperman at Creative Licensing said: “Many of the iconic characters from classic “Highlander” are featured in the slot, including Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod, Roxanne Hart as Brenda Wyatt and Clancy Brown as The Kurgan. We think fans are really going to enjoy revisiting this epic story, and seeing their favourite heroes and villains in game format.”

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