Fine weather for 32Red casino

Summer is here at force, and at least for the staff at 32Red, that means a lot of sweating. The UK Gambling Commission is taking serious action, as we have posted before, to bring the whole gambling industry into the fold. We are, of course, talking about the massive fines they have been throwing around lately.

The latest target is 32Red Casino, which has received a two million pound fine. Part of the fine is losing all the profits made from the problem; some go towards covering the investigation costs, and most of the funds are channeled to fight against problem gaming. The case was quite a clear sign of failures from the part of 32Red. The issue was not only simply about problem gambling, but about money laundering as well.

The customer managed to gamble over 700,000 pounds with few checks made by the company itself. Though on the other hand, for those of us who worry about privacy, the matter of providing your sensitive personal data, such as proof of monthly income, to gambling companies raises questions as well.

We can hope that they learn from their mistakes. We are also very happy to see that these kinds of fines are levied, as it forces the companies to act or risk simply going bankrupt. This will definitely usher in improvements in safety and regulations. That has already been the case with other companies that have been subject to UK fines.

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