Gala Bingo relaunches as Buzz Bingo!

The reason behind the relaunch of Gala Bingo is quite clear: better and bigger site with the aim to please younger audiences. The company has noticed that bingo is not a game just for the stereotypical old grannies, but in fact, something all of us can enjoy. As other companies are shutting their doors, Gala Bingo is opening them with their rebranding into Buzz Bingo. The name is the obvious choice given the buzz it has already awakened!

The initial relaunch will happen with the force of two clubs, with more to come. The aim is to vitalize communities and bring bingo back on the table as a social game, and the club as a place for community gathering. Quite ambitious, but perhaps something the game sorely needs!

To make things even more interesting the new Buzz Bingo will also receive a considerable online presence, making it possible to play bingo anywhere at any time. Aiding in this venture is Gala Leisure, the company behind the bingo brand, which has partnered up with Playtech. The latter will provide exclusive content and games for the new brand. Join the fun now, online or offline, and you can take part in the amazing new offers!

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